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The song itself is whatever but it's kind of funny how everyone (read: Conservative fear-mongers) is suddenly terrified of vaginas again


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    The heck?

    Welcome back!

    People aren't afraid of body parts, they're concerned with how children and teenagers will most certainly hear the song and think that sort of vulgarity is okay. Which it's not.

    Apple, which makes consumer products for the broader audience, and Joe danged Biden, then endorsed the performers behind the song, which was vaguely creepy at best.

    It's also the worst branch of second wave feminism (and I guess modern Gender Studies but all of the branches of that are the worst), where women are just supposed to cast off the emotional bonds of intimacy in favor of jollies. I remember a time when it was men who were chastized for this same attitude, and the fact that we're apparently just swinging the dichotomy in the opposite direction is insane (and bad).

    It means men don't have to respect women at all, because women should already lack self-respect. I probably can't articulate the lack of chivalry this involves properly in the context of a straight relationship, but I've been in situations we're I've overheard guys just giving ridiculously detailed play-by-plays of their sexual encounters to their friends and I felt a real sense of shame for that sort of thing. I certainly wouldn't want to be talked about like that.

    Plus, for goodness sakes, there have to be better things to do than defending songs with lines about needing buckets for bodily fluids.
  • ngl, I did not expect a serious response, though I guess that's just what happens when you bring up politics, lol.

    I don't believe being overtly sexual is indicative of a lack of self-respect, just like being reserved isn't necessarily indicative of one having self-respect, they're just different modes of expression. As for guys talking candidly about their sex lives, I see that as more of that couple maybe being more comfortable being open with such things. I don't get why being open and even brazen in regards to sex and sexuality is a bad thing, for men, women or anyone else.
    It's also the worst branch of second wave feminism (and I guess modern Gender Studies but all of the branches of that are the worst), where women are just supposed to cast off the emotional bonds of intimacy in favor of jollies.

    I see it more as women having the choice between being emotional, sexual, both, neither, etc. The sexes are stereotyped with men being the sexual brutes and women being the emotional motherly types, but of course anyone of any gender can embody either role. I guess I see it all as coming down to choice. Anyone's free to not like the song or open expressions of sexuality, but I think it's a little ridiculous to expect everyone else to feel the same way.

    I agree that kids shouldn't follow this example, but the song wasn't made for kids. Granted, it's easily accessible and parents can't monitor what their kids are doing 24/7, but I still see it as the parents' job to put these things in perspective for their children, because it wouldn't be the first or last time that a kid could be exposed to something which isn't appropriate for them.

    also, hai :3
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    what's WAP

    is it that studio that made Tail 'Gator

    no wait that's VAP
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    there's also WASP but why would you just take out "Saxon" and get "White Anglo Protestant"
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    There is love everywhere, I already know
    darn I had a whole post in here and apparently I borked it somehow because it's gone

    In all honesty I don't care too much about this (even so my first post was really long) so here goes a briefer thing; people care how you look, and you should too, self-respect is definable and that definition certainly excludes self-debasement on camera, you can say that's self-respect but goodness sakes it really isn't.

    No instagram accounts featuring people dressed modestly achieve the success that accounts where attractive people post shots in their underwear, and money follows that. That's not because of self-expression, it's because people who want to be rich and famous hack the weakest parts of the human mind to get there. Justifying that with high language is a waste of time.

    Emotions and sexuality are not the same thing. You can have emotions about everything on the planet, but human sexuality is severely more limited. You can have emotions about sexuality, but you can't have sexuality about emotions.

    My opinion is that men and women need to act respectfully when it comes to sexual activity, but I'm not arbiter of the world. All I can do is disassociate myself from people who can't take themselves seriously and always make sure I treat myself and those around me with respect.

    Overall, @YandereWaifu, It's clear that we have very different definitions of the word respect and I guess that's just how life is. I welcome ideological plurality, but that certainly doesn't mean I can't say I think your definition is way off.

    Finally, the entertainment industry can't even have a show where the protagonist is pro-life and this is portrayed in a positive manner, or even one show where a character waits until getting married to sleep with somebody else (okay, Jane the Virgin exists, but literally just that), yet parents have to run around like headless chickens because YouTube ends child lock at 13 and this song as been on the main major music playlist since it came out.

    This song has seven writers and a whole media industry behind it, as well as a million glowing reviews from respectable sources. It's not simple "art" somebody created in their bedroom. Aside from the usual media behemoth, both Apple and a major political party put their weight behind it. Even if you tell your kids (or, in my case, adult friends) it's wrong, it's hard for them to believe you and not literally all the media they're confronted with.
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    and we've devolved into walls of text about the media industry and politics again lol
  • @fourteenwings Even if it's clear we have different perspectives on the matter, I can respect that. I didn't come here to debate anyway, I mainly came to shitpost, and like the days of lore, I didn't even think anyone would know what song I was talking about, let alone have an opinion about it, lol.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    @Yandere_Waifu: Well, the song was kind of big and I follow pop culture pretty closely.

    Yeah but also what GMH said;
    and we've devolved into walls of text about the media industry and politics again lol

    S'what we do now.
  • hmm...




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    well i certainly didn't know what the song was because lol pop culture
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