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Thoughts on the Japanese Language

Of all the things I've been doing during the lockdown, learning Japanese has been the one that I've lasted the longer in doing, perhaps it was time I made a thread about it.
Sometimes I wonder if it'd help in learning if I had decent headphones for clearer listening. I don't like headphones though.


  • Turns out I didn't have as much to say as I thought when I started this thread. It didn't help that back then I had to do it on a phone, for which kana (and kanji) input is troublesome.
    I love that I can measure my vocabulary improvement by going through a work and see at what rate (words/material length) at which I'm adding words as flashcards.
    The other day I learned about 選り取り見取り (yoridorimidori), which I thought had a funny reading.
    I'm sure I had more to say on that vein but I didn't write it down. I'm posting things here 'cuz the stuff I was going to post about MTGA has less to do with MTGA and more to do with Japanese (and if it didn't, I'd have revived one of the MtG threads instead), so, from here:
    Speaking of which, last year I was looking forever for where to find a database that included kana readings. The official one includes lots of stuff but not that, and there's databases with itty-bitty details of cards like which frame they use, which watermark if any, or whether it uses the tombstone symbol that only existed for one block, but I never found one that included furigana. It only was when I started playing that it occurred to me that it could be extracted from MTGA's data, or better yet, MtG Online which goes much further back in the game's history. lolno, MTGO is English-only, it really is the game's red-headed stepchild, at least from a technical standpoint.
    I started searching again and found Wisdom Guild, a card info page that does include readings, it doesn't have its database readily downloadable but in principle one can extract the data from it, that said it includes dictionary data for Microsoft's IME to input card names, based on the work of somebody(es?) who's dedicated to exactly that. Makes you think, it doesn't sound glamorous but it's still interesting/useful and I'm grateful for their work. The only downside I'm seeing is that it doesn't distinguish between hiragana and katakana, which I presume is because of how the IME works.
    I already extracted them and will be adding them to Forge, thought I should update my stuff with the latest stuff while at it, and that's going to take a while.
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