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You say you can't shine in a cheap world~

edited 2019-10-23 17:21:13 in Philosophy
There is love everywhere, I already know
Today I was watching the third episode of Grand Hotel, and amongst the usual insanity (at one point Alicia ran a "Cost-Benefit Analysis" that somehow judged flying pastries by plane for a ridiculous pop star would reap benefits) there was a moment that actually made me think (which is why this is here rather than the TV thread).

Santiago, the patriarch of the family, is surprised when his party boy-slash-disabled son (he has a prosthetic leg) Javi wants to help on a business deal. This deal involves getting a baseball team to switch their regular Miami stay hotel to theirs. Of course Javi has ulterior motives, since this is a soap opera, but they aren't relevant to the point I'm trying to make.

Santiago finds himself treading water as he tries to do the deal with the team's coach, because the deal actually depends on the players preferences. On this front, Javi has a slight (darn it I didn't mean this) leg-up, because he was on a little-league team with one of the players and well, his party-boy wiles easily sway a group of rowdy sportsmen.

But, there's a spanner in the works! It turns out the baseball team is actually making fun of Javi behind his back. Not only about his prosthetic leg, but also about the wild "stories" he's been spinning for them. I mean, he is indeed a very successful casanova but I very much doubt his story about the Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model sleeping with him was true. However, the fact that they rip into his story and call him a sad little boy living in his dad's hotel isn't exactly just the standard "He's making it up right?"

Javi and his father overhear the sports team making these comments, and Santiago immediately goes up to confront them for their general rudeness. Javi tries to stop his father, but this is to no avail. The next morning, he thanks his father for standing up for him.

The thing is, the hotel is in trouble, a lot of trouble. When I watched this scene, I wanted Javi to try harder to stop his father, or even manage to stop his father. If I were in his place, I'd take a couple of snide comments over loss of guaranteed, steady revenue streams any day.

Which got me to thinking; do I not have enough pride? Building on that; if I have like, a normal amount of pride, am I just willing to sacrifice it for financial gain? And is that okay?

I genuinely thought about this from several angles. Including that I'd guess a father (or mother) would be slightly more concerned about attacks on my reputation as he is well... my father, and in an unwitting way I'm a representation of some form of his methods and (possibly) ideals. I also tried to modify my position via the pride arguement, but then I realized that maybe I'd rather take pride in keeping my mouth shut (...in exchange for financial gain). Of course, a part of me also believes in maintaining professionalism, so that might have something to do with how I see it no matter the case.

So yeah, this is a complex little scenario. Maybe my question is; what would you do? Not just in a scenario where somebody else is defending your "honor" or reputation or whatever, but where you have the opportunity to in exchange for what appears to be long-term financial gain. Of course, let's keep it to light scenarios (insults, constant digs, people you just don't like no matter how hard you try) and not more serious concerted abuse (but if you don't mind giving your answers to that either feel free).

(The thread title is from the Aikatsu Friends! song Pride -TL Note: "Cheap na sekai ga, kagayakenai~"-, which I thought was fitting since it's called well... Pride).

(Also I don't think I've ever started two threads in one day)
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