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LEGO Thread, mostly Friends

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There is love everywhere, I already know
I bet you were expecting lots of words, weren't you? Well tough luck, here's a bunch of pictures (and words).

I've been collecting LEGO Friends (again) for the last few months. As such, there's a lot of fun stuff to build and take pictures of. Here's a thread for that!



  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    No new builds this time, just words.

    I've managed to secure all five Summer Heart Boxes! Woo! This is probably the first time in a long time I've completed a toy collection. I only have 3/5 of the original series of Heart Boxes though, so I probably need to get on that.

    As I was building Stephanie's Heart Box early in the morning, I came up with a hypothesis. In the short time I've been building LEGO Friends 2.0 (meaning everything post-reboot in 2018) I find that Stephanie's sets are the most challenging or feature the most ingenuity. This includes:
    • Stephanie's Summer Heart Box, which takes 6 extra pages to build because of the accessories' complexity versus Andreas and Mia's (I haven't built the rest yet)
    • Stephanie's Buggy and Trailer, which I started out not really being thrilled by but by the end I was both convinced of the build's integrity and it's coolness. I was actually initially impressed by this set by the way, but lost my enthusiasm at one point
    • Stephanie's Soccer Practice, which includes probably one of the most practical mechanisms in a LEGO Friends set outside of the one in Emma's Creative Tuning Shop, which is really just a sliding door (but I really like it).

    By the way building so early in the morning unusual for me, since I'll usually try and schedule any LEGO Friends activity for 3PM-4PM because that's what works on my schedule. Plus, I can do it while watching First Move with Julia Chatterly on CNN.

    I also realized recently that choosing to not get Stephanie's Bedroom when I had the chance a few weeks ago robbed me not only of a new drawer set, but a phone as well.
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    There's a missing image, perhaps one with Dean in the background?

    This thread made me try a LEGO simulator (Mecabricks), though unsurprisingly it's not quite the same as building stuff irl
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    Ah, thanks! Fixed it now. Probably happened when I migrated the images to an album.

    I tried making a blueprint build of my gift stage in BrickStudio a few months ago and it was a nightmare trying to get pieces to fit together.

    I've been thinking about getting multiple copies of the set Aladdin came in, because it includes about 11 of the modular tile pieces that allow for all the removable bits, along with the pieces that align with the roof for each building to make each floor easier to remove.

    But it turns out I don't need to be so single-minded since the Summer Heart Boxes come with two of those modular pieces each (no dice on the roof bits, but those are much less rare). I wouldn't mind having multiples of those since it'd allow me to mix and match the main characters' hair, which in LEGO terms makes them whole other people.
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    There is love everywhere, I already know
    Today I guess we'll take a look at an out-of-the-box build. I'm not planning on doing that for everything, or even regularly, but it can't hurt to do it once in a while.

    I built Andrea's Accessories Store, from last year. It's one of my most wanted sets from last year (along with like... a whole bunch of other sets). However, I have mixed feelings about it.

    (this isn't a review or anything, just my feelings in general and some photos because why not).

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    By the way, I found some of my old Friends minidolls today and I wasn't even looking! I was most glad to find my Livi minidoll, the popstar one, because clearly that train is never coming round again.

    Maybe one day I'll take some photos of my whole minidoll collection, but I feel that maybe that would bring the severity of my collecting obsession to the forefront and make me more concerned than I already am about it.
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    There is love everywhere, I already know
    I decided to take some photos of my first collection of Heart Boxes.


    As you can see here, I only have Mia, Emma and Olivia's from the first collection.


    You're supposed to stack them like this, but it's actually really hard to separate them if you do. I notice they didn't recommend doing it for the Summer ones. I mean, aside from the new top configuration which doesn't prevent them from stacking anyways.

    You can't actually put all five in a circle, because they fit like triangles so only four fit.

    I'm really looking forward to next years Heart Boxes, if they continue them that is. Right now the LEGO group is focused on releasing the Frozen II sets, but the 2020 sets should be out by Dec '19/Jan '20. Previews should be up soon...

  • "you duck spawn, refined creature, you try to be cynical, yokel, but all that comes out of it is that you're a dunce!!!!! you duck plug!"
    There are web-based communities of adult fans of LEGO. Do you belong to one of them, or do your thing just for your own pleasure?
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    There is love everywhere, I already know
    I don't belong to any LEGO sites, probably for two main reasons.

    The main reason is that well, Friends isn't particularly well-regarded in the main LEGO communities. Most people don't mind it exists, but they also don't care. I think the only LEGO Friends community, which was hosted on Flickr of all places, mostly died after the reboot anyways.

    The other is that nowadays I prefer going to places for the people, rather than the content. So yeah, this is just a personal hobby thread for me.

    EDIT: I think another reason is I want to be able to quit at some point without feeling like I've invested too much. As a kid, and like, at least until two years ago, my main thing was collecting dolls (well, "collecting" as in over the years I collected like 10?) and I never thought that much about LEGO. I keep feeling like I'll wake up one day and be over it.

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    There is love everywhere, I already know
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    oh hey it's diver girl

    and is that a sliding door
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    There is love everywhere, I already know
    It is indeed a sliding door. It's not an original idea on my part, it's just repurposed from Emma's Creative Tuning Shop.

    Funnily enough LEGO Friends this half-year is all about diving suits. Everyone got one.

    ActuallY i have a fun a fun tidbit about this, probably because I heard it for the first time around the sets being revealed and it having a vague summer feeling, I associate the LEGO Friends Summer/Fall 2019 sets with the FYKA remix of The Naked and Famous' Higher. I was thinking about doing a stop motion video or something when I have the time, but I'd probably need to have like... more than one Ocean Rescue set.
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    There is love everywhere, I already know
    I said I was going to make a stop-motion video with LEGO Friends, but I ended up not doing a Summer Set themed video. Instead, I made a video recreating the opening sequence from the American sitcom Half & Half. I wasn't exactly a "big" fan of the show (though I have seen a few seasons over the years), but I loved this opening sequence. In fact, I knew the dance by heart for a few years.

    Not only did I make the original opening sequence, I also made an additional two to go with the sets (because it has a lot of sets).

    Here's the original, and here's the funky, soul train inspired psychedelic set version. There's another with the initial sequence set, but I'm still undecided on the overall editing I should do.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    I think the reason there are so many people dedicated to LEGO, versus other things is that you basically learn LEGO. I mean, it's very simple to start with but it really is a system that there are layers of understanding to.

    In fact I wouldn't be surprised if over 70% of adult LEGO fans were the kind of people who enjoyed studying. I mean obviously the nerd overlap there is already very strong, but this taps right into that part of your brain. You get a box of bricks, and you get instructions, as you acclimate yourself to instructions, you learn different styles and techniques to build with.

    The other thing is that once you *do* learn LEGO, building what's instructed on the box becomes vaguely moot, and once you do get there, you probably already have a bunch of sets, and so justifying buying new ones is hard.

    Like, lately, I've been trying to quit Friends, but I have had so many ideas and I basically know how they all could work (mostly). I also really want to learn how to build with Technic so I can... well, build more Friends.

    In fact right now I am working on a build, and I have another I just haven't posted here yet that I might take pictures of soon.

    I do wonder if this is a habit I'll actually be able to put back in the box...
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    There is love everywhere, I already know
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    There is love everywhere, I already know
    Now for a build I worked on basically forever ago. I was going to post pictures of it back then, but I didn't really feel like it as it was. After a major renovation, I finally felt it was complete.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    The first pictures of the 2020 sets are out. I couldn't even bring myself to look at them at first, because I knew I would probably cave.

    I... I have caved.


    I'll need like at least two of these.


    Since that new Frozen II set, I've been in a serious hate/hate relationship with these new fabric tent pieces but I love the new Olivia and Mia outfits so tough luck, wallet.

    SO MANY WINDOWS (also what the heck Ethan?).

    I would also 100% get this if it were not probably the size of six entire other sets (I've already run out of display room).

    I guess I'm never escaping this hobby...
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    There is love everywhere, I already know
    I gave all of my LEGO Friends things to charity before Christmas, so I was expecting to never update this thread ever again.

    But, I actually kept a single baseplate and... okay I kept a bunch of stuff, but about 95% of everything went to charity. I've had lots of ideas, but they've mostly been hampered by like... not having much.

    As a result, this build is mostly repurposed Summer Heart Boxes. About 10-15 pieces aren't from a Summer Heart Box.

    Without further ado!:
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    I can't believe the last post I made in here. It's been a really, really long road since back then.

    For one, all the LEGO Friends characters got replaced with newbies!

    I'll discuss further some other time but the most important thing for now is this new map of Heartlake City;


    It reminds me of all the dangerous Florida marshlands that GMH mentioned some time ago. The areas that nobody should be living on yet they do without a care in the world.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    Okay so me and LEGO in 2023:

    January: Man! Nu LEGO Friends is exciting! I wonder how this'll go...
    February: I really like these new room sets, especially Leo's! I also really like these new upcoming Classic sets, they seem super cute!
    March, 1st Half: Oh wow these new LEGO Friends sets have some colors I don't really like... and I'm not a fan of some of these sets.
    March, 2nd Half: Screw LEGO, it's all about M*GA and Alt. Bricks now*
    April H1: You know, these new LEGO Friends sets aren't half bad, and I really do like these new Classic sets...

    *It occurs to me that none of my Alt. Bricks arc was ever spent here and honestly it'd take too much effort to recreate it but tl;dr there was a lot of Alt. Bricks.
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    There is love everywhere, I already know
    I have now owned (at separate points) six entire copies of the LEGO Friends set Leo's Room (I currently own three).
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    There is love everywhere, I already know
    Okay so for a more listicle thing!

    LEGO Friends is kind of annoying right now. I like a lot of the characters, but I feel like the colors of the sets have really lost the plot. I don't love the emphasis on more natural colors. I know some of the bigger sets keep the cutesy colors I like, but I think a big reason I dislike the new sets is because of the color scheme.

    So here goes LEGO Friends sets I'm not too keen on;
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    There is love everywhere, I already know
    I was planning on doing LEGO first.

    And I did it turns out.

    I've been putting off this specific period of my life for a while. I haven't documented it properly outside of various chat logs, and I should probably get the exact timelines right before I keep going, but it's better I put this in writing as soon as possible instead of getting lazy again.

    So, in H2 2020, LEGO released this evil monstrosity of a set. How does one hate a set called "Everyone is Awesome"? You ask? Well, you begin with Gender Ideology, and then add Anti-Racism (because of course at the very least the legitimate sexual minorities also have to be divided by race).

    2020 was, well, the year of both George Floyd and Ibram X. Kendi, and it was unbearable dealing with every single brand lecturing to you about it's latest Social Justice nonsense (a tendency that, as a result of both apathy and pushback, is now at the very least going back to some sort of tolerable level).

    LEGO was no different, with a toning down of police in CITY sets (that lasted quite literally 1.5 years). That, I was willing to tolerate, but Everyone is Awesome crossed lines for me, so I stopped buying LEGO.

    (brief interlude; hahahaha, "stopped buying LEGO". DOTS literally came out in 2020 and DOTS is one of my favorite LEGO themes ever. I had every DOTS bracelet until at least this year)

    But this thread is actually about happy things. So anyways, aside from LEGO annoying me with it's messaging, I was just generally interested in other brands of LEGO-size bricks too, most primarily Mega Construx. Which, I mean, is owned by Mattel, which is so committed to Racial Justice they made Barbie half-black), which is bad, but not as bad as gender woo.

    Which they stopped doing... and are now doing again...

    Anyways, this isn't about Mattel either!

    Speaking of, I've found out that the new LEGO Friends line generated a bit of anti-buzz in conservative circles as being "woke". I mean, yeah, I have my qualms with the line. Call me heartless, but having a full-time main character with one arm means you have extremely limited options in terms of "remaking" your characters, and also it's actually just not entirely appealing (I really hope this isn't construed as me never wanting to ever look at anybody with one arm, it's just very weird for a mass-produced children's toy line).

    Olly being obviously gay and possibly dating Leo is definitely not appropriate for children, and the fact that only 3/8 of the cast is white is kind of weird (I mean the number is actually the same as before, it's just that before it was 3/5). Leo adopting the default 'African' skin tone and making it Latino means Aliya now has the dull-gray-brown 'Priyanka' tone that was somehow mean to imitate Indian people. Everybody knows having Zac both be a guy and the darkest skin tone of the line is a super-bad combination (he's being outshined by literal side-characters in his 'own sets').

    Frankly, out of everybody, Nova bothers me the most. Why? Because she's one of those purposefully anti-cute characters who is cool and edgy. Well, yes, I know there was that little Easter egg in Nova's room where it's revealed that she too likes Elf Twilight (or whatever those books are), but her dolls are usually purposefully unappealing. Despite Autumn making it hard to steal her torso for other characters, at least those torsos are cute enough for you to want to reuse.

    Of course, there is at least one cute Nova, but she literally comes in a set with Matilde, decidedly aka Best Side-Friend, so she's quite overshadowed.

    But overall, I was more concerned about how unappealing the builds were, and how 8 main characters in general was a bad move (they should have stuck with 5 and had one boy, and I'm pretty sure stuff's not going too well in Friends-land already so we'll see if there are any major changes with 2024H2 or 2025H1).
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    I am surprised how much the above post is complaining about social fads, honestly.
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    There is love everywhere, I already know
    I guess it seems unusual because I've never done it here before, but I do this a lot. Anyways, I guess I'm old now, and this is what old people do.
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    There is love everywhere, I already know
    Before I move on into new stuff, it seems like LEGO DOTS is dead after the Harry Potter collection (which, yes, existed). I'm kind of sad, because I really enjoyed every LEGO DOTS set I got and even the ones I didn't (except, specifically, this one, which was ugly beyond belief).


    I really enjoyed DOTS and it's various permutations, whether it was actual sets, or the cubes or the bracelets, or the bagtags etc. I wish it continued on a smaller scale, but I guess demand just disappeared after the initial buzz wore off.

    Anyways, I decided to take stock of my current LEGO backlog. When I wrote it down, I wasn't too worried, but then I made a compilation image and I was very, very surprised.


    The full rundown;
    • LEGO City Vet Van Rescue
    • LEGO Friends Forest Waterfall x2
    • LEGO Friends Pony Washing Stable x2
    • LEGO Friends Pancake Shop
    • LEGO Friends Donut Shop
    • LEGO Friends Beach Buggy Fun
    • LEGO Friends Dog Rescue Bike
    • LEGO Friends Skate Ramp Polybag
    • LEGO Harry Potter Quidditch Practice Polybag
    • LEGO Creator Vintage Car Polybag

    As you can see, I've been very into smaller sets this year, and I'm pretty into repeat set-getting. I'll probably have FOMO next year missing all the big sets, but I really like having the time to build and appreciate the smaller sets anyways.

    I've actually already opened the Pony Washing Stable, Pancake Shop, Donut Shop, Beach Buggy Fun, and the Skate Ramp Polybag. The Stable I had quite a while back, but the rest were certainly this year. I've also had multiple copies of the LEGO Friends Mobile Bubble Tea Shop, and I kind of really, really want more (I really like Matilde and that Nova in the cute outfit).

    On the more negative side, I only got the Dog Rescue Bike for completionism's sake, because I've missed at least one smaller set every year before now (Forest Waterfall was one of those from 2021). Dunno why, but Aliya sets are almost always lame to me.

    I would have more LEGO CITY sets, but the shipper I was meant to get them from kiiiind of screwed me over (and I didn't even get a refund).
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    There is love everywhere, I already know
    Here go some Mini LEGO Reviews!

    These will be reviews of sets I got and completed quite a while ago, mainly because I have general things to say about them.

    LEGO Friends Pancake Shop

    This set features new Friend Paisley and friend-of-friend, the wheelchair-user Luna. I think Luna was also in the Skate Park set from earlier this year (she was, didn't put it together till just now). LEGO Friends has had a few of wheelchair Friends since they developed the wheelchair piece in 2021 I think. I like Luna's hair piece and her face screening (painting). Her hair piece is the same as Matilde's I think.

    I didn't notice till I built it, but Paisley's lower leg piece is a very common G1 Friends Stephanie skirt piece. And for the record, I hate Paisley's hair, the way it covers her eye is supposed to show off how "shy" she is as a character but I really just don't like it at all. It's just in the way.

    As for the set itself... it takes much longer than you'd expect? Personally, I was frustrated by that complexity, but I didn't mind it in the end because it was a pretty cute build. I really like the roof a lot. Also, once you get used to the build length, you should have a decent feel of how long it'll take you to get through it. That should lessen any frustration you'd feel.

    LEGO Friends Beach Buggy Fun

    This set features two new Friends; Liann and Zac. The main thing about this set is that it's like... that 4+ set that always, always comes out every year, so much so it's spread to LEGO CITY as well.


    I really like Zac's outfit in this set, and Liann's is also okay. For some reason, I'm really disappointed when this sort of set doesn't have an animal face. I mean, this is the same car-face as last year, but last year's set had cute pets on the side of the vehicle.

    The new puppy is also very cute, but I don't think the surfing vignette is very fun. I think they should have just done another vet or grooming (especially grooming) set. I guess they couldn't do the vet since CITY did that.
  • TIL some sets get sold in bags.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    Yeah, polybags are the smallest sets of any theme, I see glugs and glugs of them in airports whenever I check out a duty free store. Unfortunately, they don't usually include many copies of useful pieces in large enough quantities, though that goes for most sets under 150 pieces anyways.

    Before I forget, that Harry Potter polybag has Cho Chang in it, I guess because the designers got bored of always doing Harry, Ron, Hermoine, or Draco. Plus this recent-ish push to make sure Harry Potter sets are racially diverse since like... every main character in Harry Potter is not racially diverse at all.

    Speaking of racial diversity, I forgot to mention that the Beach Buggy Adventure set was endorsed by this adorable little Asian kid (in the official promo material).


    There are some I wish I'd gotten a few years ago, like one that had Olivia on a picnic...

    Actually, it seems I'm misremembering this by crossing the "Summer Picnic" polybag with the "Park Picnic" polybag. Still, both are cute.


    I also like this one from last year, the Market stall. Unfortunately I never got a copy.


    I just like the stall concept a lot.

    There was also a CITY polybag from 2021 I wanted a lot for the minifigure.


    There's a store around here that suddenly has a bunch of last year's hobby cubes, but at exorbitant prices, which is what usually happens with toys around here. I might cave, but hopefully not soon.


    I'd really like another copy of Olivia's Gaming Cube, and maybe Emma's Fashion Cube, and definitely Mia's Soccer Cube, and from then I definitely just need the other two for completionism's sake right...?

    Anyways, the cubes sure had an overly expensive-to-make looking commercial.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    My first ever LEGO Friends sets were some combination of Birthday Party, Pop Star Show Stage and Foal's Washing Station. I can't remember the exact order, but I certainly think Birthday Party was first...

    (My first ever three LEGO Friends sets).

    The point being, I only got my first LEGO Friends set in 2016! I mean, this is me in 2023 with better distribution networks, so overall the problem was probably just the unavailability of sets, but overall I only got my first LEGO Friends set 4 years after the line started.

    Which made me think I should look through the previous years and check out exactly what sort of sets where available in a faux-nostalgia fashion.

    I'll start with 2015 and work my way back.

    Well, I was going to do that, but I guess I should talk about these first three sets. I have a lot of memories with... well, one of them. I guess I didn't think much of the Foal's Washing Station, because it was so small it seemed like an extra, but I do still have the Emma minifigure from that set! I think I might have posted pictures of her at least once before.

    She's actually wearing a sleeveless pink zip-up hoodie piece that's more associated with Mia since it's so sporty. See why having the majority of main characters have the same skin-tone is so convenient? Actually, this is from when 4/5 of the main characters had the same skin-tone.

    I also like the black foal, but you honestly have to admit that for a $10 set, this was kind of a ripoff, even the 4+ sets with this same concept nowadays (like the Pony Washing Stable I posted above) have more cohesive and expansive builds (mostly thanks to the big pieces, but still).

    I remember really liking this Birthday Party set, but what I remember the most about it is a review I read where a mom points out that Andrea is throwing a birthday party all by herself with no other Friends. No doubt if this were a modern set, it would no doubt have more than one Friend in it, but frankly I am struck by the simplicity of this build. I really like it. Nowadays Friends is full of more complex (and usually costly) sets that take longer than you'd like to build. I wish we had more stuff like this.

    I understand that this set cost the same as one of this year's 'Room' sets, but I find that I prefer it. The pieces are bigger, so there's more room to mess with stuff, and it's not overly complex and therefore limited to smaller pieces and therefore a smaller overall size.

    A recent set with a similar concept is last year's Pet Playground, which you can see also has a lot more going on. It's also less fantastical and more realistic. I wish Friends would go back to being the other way around.

    Well, that was a lot of words and took more time than I expected, so I guess I'll talk about the Pop Star Show Stage later.
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    There is love everywhere, I already know
    I ended up re-thinking my statements on the newer Pony-Washing Stable being better than the one from 2015, but I noted that each has it's own advantages, so I guess I'll just write about that.


    Okay as you can see, the sets are somewhat similar, even in basic coloration. My initial thought was the 2022 Pony-Washing Stable was undoubtedly superior, but some of the 4+ limitations do hold it back.

    In detail;
    • Though the Foal Station does come with more pieces, a lot of them are that generic styling pack that was included with many LEGO Friends sets until very recently (and in fact they still include individual elements in many sets). They don't add much.
    • The Pony Station comes with 2 (2!!) minidolls and a pony, thanks to modern advancements in including more minidolls in sets. Not just that, but one is the somewhat rare (and final) Daniel minidoll in his overalls. He only comes in one other set. This Mia is exclusive to this set I think, but she has a very, very bad outfit. However, the Emma from the old set also has to get docked points-wise for recycling a Mia top. Again, the newer set takes the advantage.
    • As for the build, I feel that the arch adds a lot to the older set, whereas the newer set has a large 4+ friendly piece plus a kind of weirdly blocky roof. However, it also has those two baseplates that make everything look more harmonious. I'll declare this one a tie.
    • For the additional builds, I'll have to give this to the newer set too. I get that the pink heart is supposed to be a perfume or something, but it's too fantastical even for me. I prefer the fancy faucet and I always love a transparent blue piece.

    Aside from that, it occurred to me that I never discussed microdolls in detail, despite posting them here a bunch.

    In addition to the minidolls introduced in 2012 that we all know and love, LEGO introduced a smaller variant for the Disney Storybook Adventure series in 2020.

    (That horse is quite out of scale...)

    I was quite enamored with this line, I had all four original books (nobody remind me I "wasn't buying LEGO" in 2020). Sadly, because I was boycotting LEGO stuff at sporadic intervals, I did miss this super cool set that featured Cinderella, Tiana, Ariel and Belle at the same time.


    For some reason, I always miss sets Tiana is in (ever since I started seriously going at this LEGO thing in 2019). I don't mind this, but it's notable. Next time one exists, I'll go after it with all my effort, just to say I've had at least one Tiana pass through my hands. This was also the only time so far that Cinderella (my favorite Disney Princess) was made in microdoll scale.

    This year, the Disney Princess LEGO brand was full of tiny surprises. One I'll discuss later, but the other was this Frozen set that was not a Storybook Adventures set. I was going to say "it was the first set ever to feature microdolls in this context without a minidoll", but that actually happened in a Friends Advent Calendar from 2021*.
    (We're bigger that Babyz, we'll soon be Teenz, we're Friendz Kidz! Friendz Kidz!)
    (You won't believe this buy MGA actually repurposed even this exact concept for a song for the L.O.L. BTWeens.)

    Otherwise, and even in this set actually, LEGO Friends only features microdolls as "children", so they usually aren't by themselves in a set.


    I look forward to getting my hands on it. I'm not a Frozen fan to any degree, but by George LEGO Disney Princess always gets me good.

    *Which I don't have, but should have gotten, but again, sporadic LEGO boycotts.
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