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IJBM: sexual fanservice

in Media
Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
Okay so if people talk about this from some sort of moral perspective (e.g. "it is demeaning" vs. "policing art is bad") this ends up getting into a stupid quandary.

So let's not make it about morality.

I don't like being pandered to. "Hey look at that tight ass!" No, shut up and go away, I'm just not interested in your shoving that in my face.


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    There is love everywhere, I already know
    The majority of Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu had the boys being in the bath or something similar, and in the second season their transformations even got updated to show some of the guy's unclothed backsides.

    This did not change the fact that the first two seasons were way better than the third.

    I have always thought that I didn't like fanservice because I was biased, but even the sort of fanservice aimed at me tends to feel annoying. But, I think fanservice can be a fun part of a show as long as it balances out it's unspoken contract with it's audience correctly.

    Something like High School DxD is basically entirely made for it's fans to enjoy a light fantasy plot coupled with lots of fanservice. It's basically the same sort of unspoken contract you get with an SoL show, where you don't expect in-depth or overarching plot in exchange for a relaxing experience.

    Basically, they aren't pandering to you, they're pandering to people who want what I just described. That's why you'll see more fanservice in a show based on an LN rather than the average mecha series.

    And to be entirely honest, I am a fan of anime magazines or just extras in general that pander to my interest in anime boys. I was going to say "people's interest" because "my interest" sounds reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally seedy but I think it'd be dishonest to do so.
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