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IJBM: "Tik Tok" now refers to a social media app rather than a Kesha song

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i'm sorry, it still refers to the song, go away (n+1)th social media app


  • does anybody really want to think of ke$ha
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    The other day I was thinking about how Ke$ha and Avril Lavigne have essentially become the same artist; both girls who captured the zeitgeist of their era who really really want to be relevant today but will never be.

    I mean, how else did an Avril Lavigne song featuring Nicki Minaj happen?

    As for the app, I have a younger cousin who loves it and it's basically just Vine with more filters? Things have same names all the time, and kids nowadays would never listen to that Ke$ha song anyways since it's way too hyper.

    I do find it funny how it was bought by a Chinese investor, though in this case it's way less weird than Grindr being owned by a Chinese VC firm.
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