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Tips for y'all goofs on youtube who are trying to overnight in stores or other odd places

edited 2019-02-13 09:28:51 in Media
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1. Scout out the part of the store you want to stay in, during the day, many hours in advance. Scout out hiding locations. Scout out where the bathrooms are and plan your route to and from the bathrooms. (For the purpose of this tipsheet, I will assume you don't have friends on the security staff.)
2. Get a weather forecast. Plan your clothing accordingly. Note that if you're attempting to stay in any tightly enclosed space, such as a closet, it will get ridiculously hot and muggy, and you will become very uncomfortable. In fact, you will regret having tried this entire damn thing in the first place. If you're staying in an open-air location, make sure you have cover in case it's cold and/or rainy, and make sure you've scouted out the location properly to avoid insects.
3. Don't bring stuff you don't need. Also don't bring anything that attracts attention. This will make your experience very boring. But that's exactly what you need to do to not attract attention.
4. Make a plan on how you're going to sleep. You won't get much of it, and every little bit of it will be valuable. In fact, if you can get yourself to fall asleep, you will not need to go to the bathroom as much.
5. Budget your food and drink appropriately, to keep from getting too hungry/thirsty but also to keep from having to go to the bathroom.
6. Make a plan on what you're going to do in the morning. You will feel like shit and you won't be able to think straight, so it's best to make the plan as simple as possible.
7. Bring cleaning supplies, like a decent supply of tissues, in case you make a mess with food/drinks.
8. Don't do audio commentary, you dolts. Film everything and then add commentary in post. Preferably in text so we can hear the atmosphere.
9. Spend some damn money at the store, as penance for pranking them.
10. Donate to your nearest homeless shelter.

These tips will help you succeed at staying, without authorization, in a store overnight. These tips, however, will also make your selfie videos extremely boring. However, that's a good thing since they shouldn't be posted onto YouTube anyway, because this whole hobby is honestly not a thing that should be encouraged.


  • TIL this is a thing.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    GMH you've watched too many of these videos.
    Preferably in text so we can hear the atmosphere.

    I almost understand why you've watched so many.

    After watching way too much YouTube I can confirm that things never stop being things on YouTube, especially when they're super-dumb things.

    A lot of the things you've listed are pretty sensible, but I have a feeling at least 70% of the people who do this leave planning details out on purpose or provide live commentary even when they'll get caught because it makes for a better video in terms of suspense.

    As I've learned, about 90% of YouTube is people trying to make reality TV with even less thought put into it.
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