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There is love everywhere, I already know
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There's lots of politics out there, and we can't have threads for every single country so here's a general one.

I'm mostly a casual follower of any given sort of politics, but I enjoy using my uninformed opinion to weigh in anyways. I'm fairly competent except when it comes to Eastern European and Southern American politics (aside from Venezuela, obviously).

As for recent things; this whole thing with the UK and Russia really escalated overnight. I mean, there have been similar situations before (Alexander Litvinenko) but it never really mattered overall. I'm all for justice, but I'm also all for not expelling every single Russian diplomat in the Western sphere of influence. Maybe Theresa May is looking to shore up some weird level of support during Brexit negotiations, but I feel that's probably not it.

We can't know if this is on it's way to becoming a cold war without hindsight, but the signs are pretty clear. There isn't any direct propaganda against Russia right now, even with the investigation into Donald Trump. Then again, this is 2018, which means those with more "civilized" political leanings are okay with less overt political messaging.

This has also all brought Russia's only solid-seeming relationships into the spotlight. Of course there's the whole Syria situation, which I've always felt like English media has been super-uncomfortable talking about and analyzing. We're still basically at that level, but there's a lot more coverage of Russia's activity lately.

There's also a jump in interest in Russo-Turkish relations. It's like... confusing. I don't feel like this is a relationship that is relevant to the day's events aside from "The Russian ambassador to Turkey was murdered last year and Russia didn't freak out" or "Turkey shot down a Russian plane and Russia didn't freak out" and neither of those have been the focus lately. The focus appears to be in that very specific "these two weird countries get along, how weird!" and avoiding that Turkey is an actual country with it's own geopolitical dealings and issues.

Outside of recent things, I'm quite interested in the cultural divide between Northern and Southern Italy. I can't really find too much information on that outside of a few articles and gigantic economic texts. I'm hoping I can find a brief-but-definitive (paperback) take on that soon-ish.

Yeah so, politics.


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    Didn't Russia, Iran, and Turkey recently have a meeting? In Ankara, even.
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    I don't have the "Who is even doing what to whom in Syria" chart in front of me, but they did meet to discuss more de-escalation zones and like maybe approach diplomatic solutions or something.
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    >Implement terrible immigration policies as Home Secretary
    >Become Prime Minister
    >Have somebody else get fired for what you did as Home Secretary

    Theresa May is the villain of a real-life cable drama.
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    The Treasury said four women and one man were shortlisted for the post.

    Guess who got it.
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