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Body is required

Name is
Category is
Body is
Category is
Name is
Category is
Body is required (re-re-re-re-re-re-required)

Uhh, Candi Trix on the track (REMIX)

Ooh, you know I wanna keep you posted
Yeah, but every time I tried to post it
Ooh, I couldn't baby cuz I knew that your
(Body is required) Yeah
(Body is required) Ooh baby
And every time you catch me typing
(Ooh) Naughty threads I'm prototyping
(Yeah daddy) To enjoy with you and I because your
(Body is required) I need it
(Body is required)

I try to post it but I hesitate
If it's for you then I don't mind the wait (I'll wait for you)
No matter how I try to compensate
You know I can't because, because your
(Body is required) Ooh, yeah, I need it now
(Body is required) Just bring it here to me I don't care how
(Body is required) Don't leave me hanging baby I'm so wired because your
(Body is required) Yeah
(Body is required)
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