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You guys use it for anything? recommended discords?


  • I have to be on the Discord for a different forum I'm a mod on.
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    There is a...kinda vaguely official(?) Discord server for IJBM, that @Anonus set up. Not really used at the moment. If you want an invite I guess I can throw you one.

    I'm actually "on" 23 different Discord servers at the moment, including that one, but for most I've muted (and even double-muted, as in no server notifications and no channel notifications within the server) them. Many of them are there so that I can get updates on what one or another developer is doing for a game I play, and maybe have a convenient place to comment on it, but not places where I regularly hang out to chat.

    The double-muting thing was a thing I discovered recently to stop being notified of things happening that I didn't really feel like paying attention to but would have to scroll down just to clear notifications.
  • ☭Unstoppable Sex Goddess☭
    I wanna double-mute some discords I'm on, since there's an idiot who makes meme announcements a lot of the time.
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