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Today I learned: do not watch videos of games you are currently playing and haven't finished

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In the video games thread I was talking about StarCraft II and I thought about quoting a scene from it, so I YouTubed a particular cutscene in the game in order to refresh my memory regarding what was said.

This was dumb of me, because it caused a lot of videos from the same game to pop up in my recommendations, including ones with spoilery titles. I was kind of dismayed to see one with a title along the lines of "StarCraft II: [Character X] KILLS [Character Y], who was really [something I would never have guessed in a million years, suffice it to say "a bad guy"] this whole time!"

Anyway, the good news for me is that judging from hints I've gotten so far, I probably was going to see that cutscene in the next mission or two anyway, so it's not like I had the big climactic ending of Heart Of The Swarm or the trilogy itself spoiled.

But anyhoo, don't be stupid like me. Be smart like someone who isn't me. Avoid doing this.


  • I thought this was something that went without saying.
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    The way information about games is so much more readily available these days is a little weird for those of us who've grown up with that experience of going into a game blind, even the most famous ones.

    I think I've gradually realized that that experience, complete with all the "mistakes" one makes (e.g. buying the magikarp), it's actually worth it. It's actually less fun to try to prepare everything and make all the "right" decisions and know how the story goes and such.
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    @GMH Yeah, it used to be a lot easier to avoid spoilers. In this particular case I haven't learned anything about what to expect gameplay-wise and what to prepare for, but it would have been nice to know nothing at all going in.

    Hell, over a year before I even began the game I stumbled onto a spoiler about one of the things that was going to happen before Wings Of Liberty ended.

    By the way, how do the spoiler tags here work? Because I typed out what it was originally, previewed the post and saw that there was a "show" button for people to click on to see the spoiler, and posted it. But then what actually appeared had no "show" button, but just said for everybody to see:
    Spoiler: [Description of what happened that had been hidden in the preview]
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    Huh, I don't recall it working like that before.
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    spoiler tags don't work; for some reason

    toggle tags do
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