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"Suspicious Minds" as a political protest song? Huh?

I'd bought Starcraft II years ago but never got around to downloading or playing it until the last few months.

For those who haven't played it, in the Terran campaign there's a bar you spend time in between missions, with a jukebox. There are several covers of real songs that play, done pretty well in my opinion, one of them being "Suspicious Minds".

But look at what the wiki says about it. Then read the lyrics. Then, if anybody can, please explain to me how a song about distrust in a relationship qualifies as a "fuck you" to the Terran Dominion? Like, are we dating the Dominion or something?
Very confused here.



  • edited 2017-12-13 21:13:46
    That doesn't sound much weirder than like, the Song of Solomon as a metaphor about Jesus and the Church as an institution.
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