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I was going to revive the old toku thread but it turns out the last post was like over three years ago and it's full of embarrassing stuff.

I wonder why the Bragigas song from ZyuDen Sentai Kyoryuuger sounds like somebody was trying really hard to write "We Will Rock You" without the chorus, probably because KyoryuuSilver's transformation dance is a whole rock thing compared to the samba thing for all the other Kyoryuugers.

Apparently Kyuuranger is only halfway through. I might eventually catch up with that.


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    After like, another entire attempt at watching it that failed, I finally finished Kyouryuuger. I'm glad I did, Sentai is life.

    Now I can probably watch one more series and feel like I'm up with Sentai, maybe even start next year's.
  • Which toku series is it that people were crowing about some years ago as to how it was so much better than regular toku series?
  • Star light, Star bright
    You probably mean GARO?

    I mean, what else is there.
  • I can't imagine anyone GMH would notice talking about Garo, though.

    Well, anyone besides me specifically.
  • It was ponicalica, a few years back, talking about it a bunch on IRC. Maybe you two as well? It's one of the whateverranger series. Not GARO.
  • edited 2017-09-01 16:11:47
    I don't recall ponicalica watching anything with "Ranger" in the title when I was still on IRC.
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    Me either, and the last Sentai I finished watching weekly was Go-Busters (ToQGer I caught up on after it ended).

    Anyways, turns out Kamen Rider Build starts on the 3rd (OP featuring Beverly). Time to make a terrible decision and try watching it weekly!
  • Naas_Human wrote: »
    I don't recall ponicalica watching anything with "Ranger" in the title when I was still on IRC.

    Wait, my bad, it's one of the Kamen Rider things.

    It's this meatspace friend of mine who was really into the Fooranger stuff.
  • It was probably Gaim then.

    Not that I'd agree with that assessment.
  • Star light, Star bright
    Just watched the first episode of Kamen Rider Build. It was really, really packed. I enjoyed it.

    Transformations were cool and they really went all out with the CG to incorporate the wall bits.

    But I guess you can either have a belt that doesn't grate on your ears or a transformation sequence that isn't "is the villain really waiting for him to shake each bottle three times before inserting them into the belt and then cranking the belt up multiple times?".

    I guess they couldn't get Kageyama to saw at our ears again since he's the back in the new GARO anime.
  • edited 2017-09-14 19:23:26

    I guess I'm watching Kamen Rider Kabuto now.
  • they have exploding necks
  • eybIsYd.jpg

    Someone really loved these stupid glares.
  • Star light, Star bright

    It took me quite a while to notice his shirt.

    Anyways, Build episode 2 was pretty fun, I guess I'll stick around another week at least (commitment!).
  • Y8k6NBl.jpg

    I should stop being surprised at terrible parents
  • AE13TP5.jpg

    what an odd way to set up a conflict
  • Naas_Human wrote: »

    what an odd way to set up a conflict

    Well that's bean one way to soy conflict.
  • FOJnYV9.jpg

    this might be the most kabuto scene
  • Star light, Star bright
    Kamen Rider Build's third episode was good, but it really didn't help that I'd practically already forgotten which of the regions of Japan did what and why. I think I enjoyed that the second Rider (well, presumably) is getting a lot of characterization and build up beforehand because that usually doesn't happen.

    In saying that though, the main character has very admirable goals but aside from his fun interactions with the rest of the cast I still don't see what his characterization is supposed to be.
  • OIzZCPF.jpg

    I did not expect to see Snowflakesman and Tatakae-oniichan in the same episode.
  • edited 2017-11-09 15:56:35
    Star light, Star bright
    It turns out the Hokuto region in Kamen Rider Build is basically North Korea.

    Of course it's also the one region run by a woman (albeit a pleasantly crazy woman).

  • edited 2017-12-12 16:48:14
    Star light, Star bright
    It turns out the homoeroticism between the two leads being kind of light was a prelude to Build's true OTP.

  • Star light, Star bright
    By some combination of actual determination and a continuous series of punts, I'm somehow actually halfway through Kamen Rider Build.
  • edited 2018-06-15 09:39:11
    Star light, Star bright
    Kamen Rider Evol debuted with the ability to immediately cancel any Rider's transformation by grabbing their belt.

    This sounds so innocent in text so here's a visual aid:

    Meanwhile somebody really loves their checkered and plaid patterns.
  • edited 2018-06-15 17:14:20
    I think Decade got interrupted by someone shooting the buckle out of his hand because he was always compelled to hold it up next to his face before he does anything.
  • Star light, Star bright
    I think episode 38 of Build had the best ending of an episode of Kamen Rider I've ever seen, but the character who makes it so is a bit grating in the next two episodes (he's doing a whole thing but still).
  • Star light, Star bright
    You don't call a movie Heisei Generations FINAL and then do a follow-up called Heisei Generations FOREVER. That's just cheating.
  • Star light, Star bright
    I have fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinally finished Kamen Rider Build. You have to wonder what the protagonist is thinking when they're like "wow this villain is really strong and will probably beat us so let's just rope an alternate dimension in to destroy our current timeline and create a whole new world without the permission of anybody on that planet".

    Also I did not see this ending where Sento and Banjou literally ride off into the sunset together coming but I might have if I'd seen this:
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