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IJBM category URL extensions

edited 2017-03-01 23:03:53 in IJBM meta
Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
So Stormtroper raised this thing a little while ago and I was like, yeah, let's have a talk about this to get some ideas.

Right now we have the following names in their URLs:

General - smorgasbord
IJBM meta - metaknight
Media - justinbieber
Philosophy - immanuelcant
Politics - borninkenya
Meatspace - madeofmeatspace
Webspace - intarwebz
Tech - tech
Liveblogging - complainingaboutshowsyoucantstopwatching
Roleplaying - stopdropandroll
Forum games - FUNTIME
Wonderful posts - poop
IJAM - ijam
Members only - private-area
Back room - back-room

I trust that no one actually uses these so we can mess with them as we want.

Anyone got suggestions for tech, IJAM, and Back room?  Also for Meatspace and Webspace, as those seem kinda lackluster.  I'm thinking of "smokefilledroom" for back room.  (FYI that's basically the mods-only category, which is currently only really used for making a log of questionable applicants to the site.)

And which ones should we update?  He said Politics could be updated, though I don't like the most obvious idea (i.e. some variation on MAGA), but there haven't been any particular good politics memes lately -- unless someone's got a good meme from a non-US country.  A really simple idea -- technically a line from Rick Perry, but also a general sense of world politics these days -- would be "oops".


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