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A Wild Pokémon™ Thread Appeared!

Tell me about Pokemon. I find myself somewhat obsessed with it these days... again. These games are crack. Things to discuss are...

The games! They're quite addicting and cute. What appears to be a mere creature-themed RPG with minimalist presentation has a staggering amount of depth underneath the surface. I think a major draw for people is being able to express their personality through their selection of pokemon, type preferences, battle strategies, and play styles. I'm trying to make my collection of pokemon as big as possible. Some people are collectors like me, some people like to battle competitively, and some people like to hunt for ultra-rare shiny pokemon. All three groups are mega-autistic. Like me. >.> Anyways, next is...

The anime. You know the original 4kids theme song, I know it, everyone knows it. Characters such as Ash, Jessie, James, Brock, Misty, and Dawn have become cultural icons. The show is currently in its 20th season and boasts (or rather, sits sheepishly on top of) more than 900 episodes. Despite the enduring popularity of the anime among children (and autists like me lel), not much has happened in 20 years. Protagonist Ash is still miraculously 10 years old and has achieved almost nothing aside from winning a small tournament in the Orange Islands in season 2. His consistent, one might even say *devoted* incompetence is truly stunning to behold. But perhaps Ash is the oblivious 10 year old special needs student in all of us. He has managed to make many friends and visit many places. His Pikachu can do pretty much anything it feels like with no explanation, while still refusing to evolve or go inside a poke ball. Pursuing Ash are his equally incompetent nemeses, Jessie and James from Team Rocket: a pair of persistent, feminine, oddly likeable morons with a memorable motto and a flair for theatrics who barely manage to hold down their employment and rely on their talking Meowth to boss them around. Most pitifully, they are still trying to steal an autistic 10 year old kid's Pikachu after 20 years of repeated failures. Perhaps Ash and these two are destined to never grow apart. Or grow at all, really. This series has also spawned a few spinoff series and a lot of shitty movies. The latter are best watched in a group, perhaps drunkenly.

The manga(s). There have been a few manga series based on Pokemon but the long-running "main" series, Pokemon Adventures, is pretty cute and fun, while maintaining (loosely) the plot and atmosphere of the game series. There are fun characters, epic confrontations, and (impressively) growth in its characters and plot.

The trading card game. Would you believe this still exists? I can't comment on it much, since I only have a little bit of experience playing trading card games, but my collection of Pokemon cards certainly holds nostalgic appeal for me.

Pokemon Go. We all know what it is. Let's move on.

The *merchandise.* There is so much of it. I shudder to think of how much money the Pokemon Company is raking in this way. Self-respecting adults often frown upon marketing cheap merchandise to children but there is a nostalgic side-effect of such kitsch becoming collectible, perhaps even valuable, memorabilia of a time that's gone and never coming back. Personally, I have more early-2000's Harry Potter merchandise than I'd like to admit.

Also, the viral popularity of Pokemon instigated a conservative Christian moral panic in America typical of the 1980s and '90s, but while perhaps amusing, this is best forgotten~

So, umm, thread opened. *cuts banner*


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