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Freakin' run Android natively or something

edited 2016-12-30 03:09:27 in Tech
> buy a smart TV
> forces setup through Vizio SmartCast app
> app requires Android 4.4 or newer; our Android 4.1 tablet isn't compatible
> mom's phone doesn't have enough space
> dad's phone doesn't have enough space
> my phone doesn't have attached Google account

Dumb TV.  Why the hell do I have to download a thirty-odd-megabyte app just to SET UP THE TV ITSELF (even wifi)?


  • Advantage #3098824 that Dumb TVs have over Smart TVs:

    Dumb TVs never need to download firmware updates.
  • And in the end, this new smart TV still couldn't accomplish the main purpose we bought it for.

    vChannel can't be cast to it, nor can it be displayed natively on the TV.
  • edited 2016-12-30 22:57:29
    Gallina seráfica
    My phone is stuck with Android 2.2.1 so I'm stuck out of the world of apps beyond 'open .xyz files' ones. My phone is not even that old.
  • Anyway I think my parents figured it out:

    What they actually want is not a smart TV, but a wireless video transmitter that uses an HDMI connection.
  • All that really matters is we could be friends~☆
    Dumb TVs have over Smart TVs:
    Basically all smart devices are smarmy little trolls that can act as ridiculously spoiled as they want since we're stuck with them now.
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