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The problem with democracy (and bureaucracy)

edited 2016-10-27 19:38:54 in Politics
democracy: n.

The process by which people attempt to self-govern,
then retrain a slate of experts upon which they heap the responsibility
of governing when they realize that it's more difficult than they

bureaucracy: n.

The process by which people attempt to pass
self-governance off to a bunch of popularly-approved experts who then
appoint other experts to take on the responsibility of governing, and
become complacent at the benefits they receive from the services of
these experts (who are assumed to be both benevolent minor gods and
personal servants), complaining bitterly when things go wrong because
they presume the experts should be able to solve all their problems.

anti-establishment: adj.

A political opinion that the experts
elected and appointed to serve the people have no fucking idea what
they're doing just because they're acting as neither benevolent minor
gods nor personal servants (due generally to their actually being
neither benevolent minor gods nor personal servants, despite the best
efforts to the contrary on some of them, but also due in part to the corruption on the part of others), and they should all be expelled (by force, if
necessary) in order to replace them with democracy.


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