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Tower of God and Talse Uzer

Tower of God is a Korean shounen manhwa I've been following faithfully for quite some time. I think it is an underrated gem. I enjoy it for its complex themes, very detailed fantasy setting, mysterious and interesting characters, logic riddles, and intense fights. It is drawn by Slave In Utero (SIU for short), who is a talented writer and artist, though his art went from a little rough in the beginning to very beautiful at present. Despite his military obligations and faltering physical health, he seems very determined to follow this very long epic through to the end.

Tower of God is a part of SIU's Talse Uzer universe, for which he has drawn several comics in the past that carry similar complex themes and shounen style, most of which have sadly been removed by him. Talse Uzer (started in 2006) depicts a universe that is recovering from an intergalactic war caused by a conquerer king who lived for thousands of years, an Axis (a human being who has attained the powers of a god). An Axis has the ability to 1) write a story that cannot be erased, as long as it perpetuates the universe, and 2) afflict any mortals within their energy field with their unique god-like ability. Only an Axis can fight another Axis. This story has served as a loose background for SIU's other comics, which include Tower of God, Peer to Peer, Give My Earth Back, and Carnival. However, as of 2010, Tower of God has been rebooted and featured as a professional Naver Webtoon, where it has gained a following. Talse Uzer depicted a world of mysterious giant towers with no doors or windows that serve a mysterious purpose, implied to be humanity attempting to create a god. One of the 5 strongest Axes in the universe, Phantaminum, entered the tower which serves as the setting for Tower of God, in which he is the only Axis and thus commands absolute authority within the tower; however, he has been asleep for many millennia. Since then, humans have entered and climbed the tower, turning it into a complete world.

Tower of God begins when Twenty-Fifth Baam, an orphaned boy living in a cave, is left by Rachel, the girl from the world above who is dear to him, so she can climb the Tower and see the sky for the first time. Since Rachel is the most important thing in the world to Baam, he goes inside in order to find her, and soon finds himself facing the deadly challenges imposed on those who wish to climb the Tower, which will enable them to earn a better life and have their deepest wishes granted. The brutal government of king Zahard rules absolutely from the 134th floor down, and a terrorist organization known as FUG conspires to overthrow it. The story depicts the fierce battles faced by those who live in this world, whether it is to climb and become immortal, to serve the government, to fight against it, or simply to survive. There are recurrent themes of loyalty and abuse, the makeup of one's identity, the meaning of being a human, the ambiguity of what is just, and the price of attaining power.

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