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I thought this deserved its own thread separate from the Animation one, with the next season coming up later this month and with this video already released.

A bit of a new look, which I guess isn't surprising since Monty Oum contributed heavily to the animation in past volumes (moreso than he did to the writing, as I read). But it doesn't look bad at all, and I have faith that Shawcross & Luna can deliver a good story.


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    I'm still at the beginning of the third season...several times I have thought of watching it but I just hadn't gotten around to it when the desire struck.
  • If and when you do, brace yourself. All I'll tell you is: things start getting BAD for our heroes.
  • I've been following this series almost since the beginning and I've enjoyed it even since its days of low budgets, short episodes, and cheesy dialogue. The choreography and music have been killer and on point even since the original preview. RWBY is awesome!

    On that note, here's a cool fan vid.

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    The new style is a minus for the backgrounds (especially the forest), a plus for the smoother movement. 
  • Oh, I forgot to comment on the new trailer, lol. the animation has become more fluid, I see. And... NEW OUTFITS!!!! :D I was sadface when they recycled the outfits from season 1 in season 3. New outfits are a huge plus. I'm hype.
  • @Earthlight_Ray: Speaking of the days of low budgets, they poke some fun at that in an episode of "RWBY Chibi". (Skip to 2:20 if you want to get right to that part.)

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    As a longtime RWBY fan, I really, REALLY love the quality jump this series had.

    The animation change was expected and needed after Monty, because Poser just doesn't work for normal animation. Now, the Grimm look appropriately monstrous and alien, and it's fantastic.
  • Obligatory: favorite RWBY ships? :P
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    The one they flew into Beacon on.
  • Serocco wrote: »
    Obligatory: favorite RWBY ships? :P

    Bumblebee, if only because they tease us with that one so much.
  • What was the moment that got you into Bumblebee, Kilgore?
  • Well, the showdown with Adam Taurus made it clear that those two really care about one another. Plus, how upset Yang was that Blake ran away.

    Also, from RWBY Chibi:

    "Just get in bed, grandma."
    "Easy there, wolfie! You haven't even bought me dinner yet!"

  • Saw Volume 4 Chapter 1.

    Very interesting seeing the immediate aftermath of the Battle of Beacon from the villains' perspective.
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    Just finally watched ep 2 of RWBY season 3.

    Actually liking this less than the preceding seasons so far. I think the awkward dorkiness of the animation gave way to a cartoony stylization that doesn't fit together well with the more serious elements, at least in a way I'm used to.

    Hopefully something improves down the line.
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    Well, Vol. III Ep. 3 shakes things up and gets the plot moving.

    I'm still a little disappointed in the OP though.  I kinda miss the Vol. I OP.
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    I'm up through episode 5 now and I want to find out more (while simultaneously dreading what kind of shit the antagonists have cooked up).
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    /me marks Volume 3 completed

    It seems like plot has happened.

    I'm guessing there will be 8 seasons.
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    > menagerie
    lol pun

    > Journey to the East
    more lol
  • I'm surprised at how many people are getting into RWBY by now. Since the end of Volume 3, we've gotten more reactors, more exposure in Japan, and even sociopolitical tropers (Native Jovian, AmbarSonOfDeshar) have hopped onto it based on their comments about it in the OTC.

    I've been following the series since the Red Trailer in 2012. Way back when it was niche. Now it's getting close to mainstream attention.
  • He who laments and can't let go of the past is forever doomed to solitude.
    It has been consistently on.
  • Consistently on... drugs?
  • Soo Raven is exactly as awful of a mother as I thought she'd be.
  • People at TVT did not like Sun following Blake earlier. Total shitstorm lasted 50 to 60 pages over there before mods stepped in.
  • "In a mad world, only the mad are sane!"-Akira Kurosawa, Ran
    Please tell me this was "fuck the creators for not portraying this as more problematic" versus "bitches nowadays can't appreciate an earnest stalker". 
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    The former, roughly. Most of it was more criticizing Sun, though, not so much the writers.

    I never thought it would cause such a controversy over there, and I feel like it's better that Sun doesn't end up with Blake due to that. Gotta avoid that controversy
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    He who laments and can't let go of the past is forever doomed to solitude.
    I like the way their relationship works tho.
    "Serocco wrote:
    Consistently on... drugs?

    The show has been consistent on air year after year.

    Please tell me this was "fuck the creators for not portraying this as more problematic" versus "bitches nowadays can't appreciate an earnest stalker". 

    Indeed it was. I loved every second.
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    I don't think it was particularly nice of Sun to stalk Blake like that, though these two people are definitely people who already know each other from another context, and not exactly strangers, so they're not likely to make a ton of hay out of this, especially when there are bigger fish to fry.
  • Their banter is hilarious for sure, but I don't think they're romantically compatible
  • Atlas is like a mirror of our society
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