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Tumblr homonyms

in Webspace
"I've come to the conclusion that this is a VERY STUPID IDEA."
Conscript (n):
  1. "Constructed script", a created writing system (commonly used for a constructed language).
  2. A person drafted into the army.
So the Tumblr tag for "conscript" yields both some pretty neat neography (like I dabble in from time to time), and... photos of naked army men. Goddammit.


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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    How do you find these things in my drinking glass? I thought I washed it clean.
  • "you duck spawn, refined creature, you try to be cynical, yokel, but all that comes out of it is that you're a dunce!!!!! you duck plug!"
    Since this is Tumblr: are these cishomonyms or transhomonyms? *trigger warning*
  • ☭Unstoppable Sex Goddess☭

    I've always been a fan of homonymphos, transhomonymphos are pretty sweet.

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