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We don't talk about things that bug us anymore.

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I kind of miss the days when the discussions on this forum were true to its name and purpose. It felt like a natural continuation of the IJBM subforum on TV Tropes once it shut down, in that we found silly things to gripe about for our amusement. Now most of the posts are in general topic threads like sharing funny pictures and videos, video game discussions, and political talk. I still like the community overall but I feel we've sort of lost sight of what the forum was meant to be.


  • a little muffled
    Actual "IJBM" threads get posted reasonably often (I can see plenty on page 1), they just die fast. We don't have a large enough community to really support threads on super-specific things anymore.
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    Yeah, that.

    To be fair, though, it kinda began a long time ago when we stopped being all about complaining about things and started just discussing things without complaining about them.  Lately I've actually been prefixing "formally IJBM" threads with "IJBM: ".  Though you certainly don't have to (nor have you anyway, but I don't care anyway).

    It is kinda fun to use this as a random rant/gripe pad though.
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    "you duck spawn, refined creature, you try to be cynical, yokel, but all that comes out of it is that you're a dunce!!!!! you duck plug!"
    Hard to tell for me, I've arrived quite a while before after (whoops, that's a confusing mistake!) the forum got its start. But along the way we've also lost some forumites (JustBuggers?) to other TVT split-offs and IRC. Gotta wonder how much the latter impacted the former.
  • Instead of complaining about a lack of complaining, do more actual complaining. There's plenty that drives you bonkers, so set an example. 
  • Well, I complained about something that had been bugging me in the U.S. politics thread and I'm toying with the idea of posting something in the Canadian politics thread now. I'll do my best to do my part! :p

    As for non-political stuff: why ladybugs? What makes THOSE so special that THEY get to be on the lampshade? Does the noble and majestic mosquito get no recognition? This is blatant....BUG-ISM! Yes, that's what it is!

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