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IJBM: people who talk in chat like this

in Webspace
Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
you see


there are those people

who like

split everything they say

into many different lines

so if you're AFK

for just a little bit

you get

a ton of beeps

and it's like

the person's a motor mouth

or something


  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    and really


    really wants your attention

  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    a ton of beeps

    the beeping




    our fun
  • a little muffled

    I guess I tend to do this

    blame smogon

    that's where I picked it up

    I think
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    Diet NEET
    godfuckendammit this isn't the updates thread
  • It's sometimes useful as a sort of approximation of speech, since IRL people can actually hear what we're saying as we're saying it. It keeps the conversation going when you're typing up a long message, which can be helpful nowadays as people's attention is divided among a thousand things.
  • I do it if I think whatever I'm about to say would be funnier that way.  Comedic timing is a fickle beast.
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