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Serving Sizes and Math

in Meatspace
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So I was watching the BBC today and some random health "expert" was talking about how wonderful it is to check your food labels in the supermarket before buying anything and how some study had proven that people who did that were less likely to become obese (not taking into account that a) anybody doing that is actively not trying to gain unnecessary weight and b) any other factors in said people's lives at all).

This got me thinking to how most packaging nowadays will list "Each Serving Contains" to trick people into thinking they are reading the label carefully. Once I saw a bar of nougat that did that and on the back it clearly said that a "serving" was 15g of a 50g bar which annoyed the heck out of me because a) unless you sit around with a miniscule bar of nougat for four days you'll probably eat "too much" of it and b) The only way you even get the correct servings out of that is extremely inconvenient to anybody but the manufacturer.

Similarly Nestle's 80g standard plain milk chocolate bar on which the serving size is listed as 28g.


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    It happens that I've just now been learning about selection bias in studies.  How timely.  But yeah, that's pretty much a "duh".

    Also, yeah, serving sizes are...strange.  I think the sizes themselves are to some extent regulated by the government here in the US, but I'm not sure.

    And of course, people can't and don't headmath.
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