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Government spending and taxpayers' money

edited 2014-09-13 01:51:21 in Politics

Important notice: Almost all what I know about economics comes from opinion articles, so take whatever I say with a grain of salt.

The way politicians go on about taxpayers, they sound like simple-minded creatures that only care about money for the sake of money. Apparently, healthcare, education, affordable housing, even science itself are a burden to them compared to paying 1% less GST at the till. Of course, whenever the government blows money on useless F-35's or witch hunting charities, not a word is said about wasting our tax dollars. Just as we are oblivious as to the environmental waste and human/animal rights abuses used to produce our food and clothing, most of us in general seem disconnected from how our tax money is actually spent, which makes it easier for governments to get elected on total bullshit. I mean, Ronald Reagan is the primary reason why the US has such a massive debt.

Also, I'm not sure why balancing the budget is such a big deal, or at least so important that key public services need to starve in order to achieve it. In the government's coffers, money just sits there not participating in the economy. People seem to not get that managing a government is different from managing your family's income.

In short, starve the beast is a stupid policy.


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    a little muffled

    Honestly I find being described as a "taxpayer" quite insulting, and I tend to feel that any politician who uses that word frequently is likely someone who doesn't really give a fuck what people actually want. Rob Ford basically being the perfect example here.

    edit: swiftkey autocorrects "fuck" to "fucking", lol

  • I think it's right to say that, as a taxpayer, I ought to have a say in how my money is spent.

    On the other hand, it's wrong to say that, as a taxpayer, I want my money back.

  • I think it's right to say that, as a taxpayer, I ought to have a say in how my money is spent.

    Technically you do. It's just that democracy is an incredibly fallible system that rewards liars.


    The current UK government got themselves voted in on a pack of lies and then immediately voted themselves an extended term of power. In the old days we'd be having a revolution over that.

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    Opening post tempts me into making a joke about >Americans but I don't even know what that would imply.

  • I live in the United States and think it applies here too.


    Also, if this is the insidious work of anti-tax small-government fetishists, I've got another reason to hate them.

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