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  • Because everything must be defiled: 

    So I heard this poem the other night
    About objectified women and their plight
    That doesn’t narrow it down much
    But it seemed out of touch
    Lipstick feminists use it as a crutch
    She reduced consumers to cattle, strawmen to be burned
    Whose hearts and minds are so easily turned
    And as slaves to the sound they judge and comment
    With no critical thinking on their end
    The writer seems to be playing a game
    Of how many times she can assign the wrong blame
    Cuz it's not the rap or the jazz or the rock
    And it's not the pimp or the bro or the jock
    It's not in a word, a phrase or a lyric
    That a man or woman acts like a dick
    I mean can someone explain to me
    How this counts as solid? When for a
    Fact, they act entitled not because of a song
    When they behave that way knowing that it is wrong
    Oh you see correlation so you imply a causation,
    But if there was a different explanation would you tell it at all?
    But it seems like I’m the only one appalled
    That people think she makes a good call

    (to be finished when I'm sober)

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