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The modern Republican Party

edited 2014-07-21 12:07:50 in Politics

How US media views them: A necessary right-wing counterbalance against the left-wing Democratic Party.

How the world views them: Right-wing even by national right-wing standards. The US "left-wing" is considered right-wing by many.

The Republican Party can be funny from a distance, but it's frightening that their actions are considered normal political discourse. It takes audacity to vote against Hurricane Sandy aid or threaten to blow up the world economy over not-universal health care. And Obama barely even qualifies as left-wing, so the media's obsession with false balance only serves to shift the Overton window more and more right-wing by accommodating the Republican's anti-Obama hysteria.

Also, Republican rhetoric has infected Canada through the Calgary School that spawned our modern Conservative Party. So that's more reason to be peeved at them.


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  • Maybe it's because I''m not American. But I'd rather have Randall Paul as US president than Obama. If I'm going to basically have a right wing president, I'd rather have one that is Libertarian leaning.

  • "I've come to the conclusion that this is a VERY STUPID IDEA."

    Personally, I think a small part of it is "yes, the rest of the world thinks they're crazy, but no one around here wants to actually tell them that, because we're all worried that it will somehow feed into their narrative."

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  • Faux-choice donorcracy is a pain in the arse, but it beats having the Dark Enlightenment or SJW loons at the rudder. 

  • The trouble with the US discourse is that even the mildest mention of inequality gets you tarred as a SJW loon by the right-wing.

  • The mildest mention of just about any real problem gets you tarred as a loon by the right-wingers.

  • Yeah, while the GOP establishment has by no means a patent on the oppressed majority spiel, they do seem to be the most effective at it(dosh+willingness to go lower under the belt+Dem agitprop coming across as smug much more easily). 

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