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Metal Gear Solid 2 and its detractors

edited 2014-06-01 05:57:45 in General

MGS2 is a pretty impressive game as well as bold move on Kojima's part, what with the whole bait -and-switch with Snake and Raiden. Although I had scene a few video playthroughs of the game and a few analysis on the game itself, I I do believe that the game is amazing and Raiden is an awesome character. I do have a few gripes with it and I know might be missing the point but wouldn't the game work the 'self-congratulatory' sequel that fans wanted? the whole feels like a huge middle finger from Kojima who pretty want to add in philosophy as well as other 'deep' themes such as social engineering, the meme theory, censorship, satire, ancient conspiracies and political manipulation on large scale. From what I had seen from the first MGS, it did feature themes of genetic engineering, fate and problems of our world today but fans were to enamored with the cool stuff that they didn't care for them.

I may see more playthroughs or even the game myself but MGS did have philosophical themes that got lost beneath all that cool stuff. From what I had read Kojima was pissed at his fans who didn't care for the themes and just wanted to be cool as Snake so he decided to give exactly what they wanted in the most ironic way possible. MGS2 essentially retreads on the past events albeit with a few differences such the infamous scene where Raiden replaces Snake as the main character. The pretty much is a very surreal experience and it actually caused me to question my reality. I actually wonder if MGS2 is Kojima's way of saying that he doesn't know how to do MGS sequel? Or could be that Kojima is just troll creator who hated fans just wanted to play as Snake and just created the game to piss off fans? Wouldn't the game better off the sequel that fans wanted as opposed to the infamous troll move with Raiden? I don't hate the character myself but he seems to be there as an excuse to grate fans.

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