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Anger and Martial Arts

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This isn't so much a IJBM as it a headscratcher, I know your instructors rile you up intentionally to get you to fight harder by teaching you anger and learning how to control it. Is this a valid teaching tool for learning how to fight?


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    My guess is no. Without that, you lose. With that, you get pissed and lose.

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    I used to learn Tae Kwon Do and riling up was not part of the teaching style at all.  It was all about discipline, discipline, discipline.  I think the same applies to other martial arts.

    Except maybe boxing.  I think that sport involves managing stamina and adrenaline.  So it makes a bit more sense.

    That said, I keep on seeing riling up as part of a coaching style in sports, in general.  Lots trash-talking the opposition.  Even more generally, there seems to be a bit of analogizing between a sports team with coach and a military unit with commander.  I'm not exactly sure this is a good thing, especially if we want our sports players (and increasing in importance, fans) to be civil to each other.  Unfortunately, delicious conflict sells, both paraphernalia and journalism, so people have too many reasons to go nuts over rivalries (which are perfectly fine until they result in riots and property damage).

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  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human

    Yeah, I don't see riling up as a stereotypical part of martial arts training.

    Sports, yes.  Not martial arts.

  • I suppose it doesn't have  to be riling someone up as much it is to get them to punch and kick harder. I learned that you shouldn't pull your punches and riling them up is the best way to that but is martial arts training supposed to be tough?

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    I took Karate lessons in middle school, and one of the first things they taught is that anger is something to be avoided.

    To succeed at martial arts, you have to be focused, you have to be disciplined, and more than anything you have to be in control.

  • You sure you're not confusing this with full-contact sparring to get you over the shock of pain?

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