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IJRFBM: Sleeping

edited 2014-04-22 04:22:19 in General

Why the fuck do I need to sleep anyway? Are humans really so shitty a species that we have to cease all (or most idk and idc) physical activity for our dumb outdated bodies not to break down? BULLSHIT, I want to Bob it up 24/7 and the scourge that we refer to as "sleeping" is getting in the way of that and that's just sad. REAL FUCKING SAD.


  • a little muffled


  • Gallina seráfica

    It's such a waste of time. If we didn't have to sleep we'd have about 50% more time for everything.

  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human

    Yeah, basically.

    Though dreaming is kinda nice.

    On the other hand, I don't see any benefit in my body growing hair around the mouth and chin.  (Or, for that matter, on armpit and pubic hair either.)

  • Though dreaming is kinda nice.

    Daydreams are just as nice, and they (usually) don't involve weird shit like you fucking a friend or turning into a crocodile or something out of the blue that makes you question the progression of your life

  • But weird dreams are the best!

  • Only if your subconscious isn't a raging cunt

  • edited 2014-04-24 23:36:13

    I know that plenty of people have trouble getting to sleep when they want or need it and I would not want to make light of those issues. That said, I find sleeping rather refreshing. This may be due more to a predilection for stuff that is quiet and slow-paced than anything else, but I think afternoon naps can be pretty enjoyable. I guess I can see how youngins might find that feeling odd though.

    I also feel like resting a bit can be a big help when you are struggling with a problem. I think sleeping on it can refresh your thought process and allow you to see solutions that might have been rendered invisible by the frustrations of the moment. Well, that is the ideal situation anyway.

    For those who prefer staying up late a bunch, may I ask what you like about it?

  • I really like the fact that I can't get to sleep when I want or need to, that aspect of my life is just fucking peachy, thanks for asking

  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human

    For those who prefer staying up late a bunch, may I ask what you like about it?

    I don't really like staying up late as much as I accidentally end up doing so because I try to get work done while I am already sleepy but instead I procrastinate, or I want to talk to people who are around when I should be sleeping in my time zone.

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