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Mario's command list in Super Mario 64

edited 2014-04-18 00:45:43 in IJAM
They're somethin' else.

The amount of moves Mario has mapped to just four buttons and the control stick impresses me to this day and it just adds so much charm to the game.  And quite a few of those moves are borderline pointless too, to the point where you can't really even call their usage "situational". You never really need the baseball slide or the sweep for boss fights or anything. But are they hilarious to land and stylish to do? You bet it is.

Kind of makes me wish the 3D Zeldas designed more fights around how Link attacks depending on how the tilt of the stick. The only time they do this outside of Skyward Sword is Dark Link being able to counter your "stab"s by standing on your sword IIRC.


  • I remember being a bit annoyed how in Mario Galaxy one of the missions required you to do the Long Jump, which was never explained in-game, so the only way you'd know how to do it is if you'd played Super Mario 64.

  • And thus Mario began his training for the Beijing Olympics 12 years later.

  • My arms are falling off!

    Mario: Part-time plumber and part-time traceur.

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