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So, do you mean a US liberal (i.e. social liberalism) or a UK liberal (i.e. pro-business)? It doesn't help that in Canada, liberals can fall into either category.


  • U.S. liberal, because the United States is the only country that matters. Duh.

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    a little muffled

    Except that as far as I can tell, "liberal" in the States just means "anyone further left than the speaker".

    Personally, when I use this word in the context of politics I am near 100% of the time talking about the Liberal Party of Canada since it's ambiguous at best and meaningless at worst as an actual description of someone's beliefs.

  • Liberals also catch flak from the left as funfems, equalists and SWPLs. 

  • ^^I could never get used to thinking of "liberal" as "left" due to the NDP's existence and the fact that several of the provincial Liberal parties are considered right-wing. The very fact that "Liberal" and "Conservative" mean different things on the provincial and federal levels highlights just how pointless the terms are.

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