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National Republican Congressional Committee gets into the phishing business

edited 2014-02-10 15:31:00 in Politics

sheaporterforcongress.com (I am not linking it so it doesn't get more traffic.)

See this campaign site?

There's one problem with it.

Carol Shea-Porter is actually a Democrat.  This site is purposely designed to look like a site promoting her candidacy.  The big "CONTRIBUTE" button?  It leads to a page that looks like a fundraiser page for her, but instead your money goes to the NRCC.


Oh, sure, it says "National Republican Congressional Committee" on the bottom.  In thin grey text.  Against a photo background.


  • a little muffled

    Well, it does also say "Fed up with Carol Shea-Porter? – Sign up Today".

    But still, pretty scummy.

  • Well, getting money from supporters who succeed at reading comprehension as well as non-supporters who fail at it is strictly more profitable than getting money from supporters who succeed alone.

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