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IJBM: "conceding" in a political election.

edited 2013-12-18 16:53:40 in Politics

People seem to think that conceding and concession speeches mean that a candidate has thrown in the towel and is definitely the loser.

Uh, no.  Concession speeches are only a social formality.  They carry no legal weight.  If, following a vote tabulation, the person thought to be the loser ends up with more votes, that person gets certified as the winner regardless of whether they conceded.  Sure, un-conceding sounds tacky, but it is entirely legal, since it has no legal weight anyway.

So just because a candidate conceded does not "mean" that the opposing candidate who currently has a lead has won.  Only a vote count can say who won.  Stop writing up press releases and tweets and news reports that equate a concession to victory for the opponent.

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