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IJBM: a moderate-tempo swing rhythm generally sounds sleazy

edited 2013-11-23 06:07:07 in Media
Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human

Such as the style of music used here.  For some reason, that style sounds sleazy to me.

So basically, much of a branch of jazz -- including a number of songs by famous singers like Frank Sinatra -- kinda predisposes me to dislike it for this reason.  It's not to say I dislike all of it (for example, Sinatra's version of Fly Me to the Moon is nice), but this style just bugs me by generally sounding sleazy, for some reason.

(h/t to @Myrmidon over at HH for the video)


  • Sinatra sounds sleazy because he was involved with the mob.

    And that's why I love listening. For the sleeeeeeaaaaaze

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