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fourteenwings takes a break from studying

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There is love everywhere, I already know

So let's rewrite Gen'ei wo Kakeru Taiyou!

DISCLAIMER: Obviously nobody has to actually read this because it's insanely long.

So, obviously, sole;viola are the worst writing group of ever, but I did like the initial premise (bywhich I actually mean I liked it much better before it aired) and this has been on my mind for a while.

First of all: I'd crush the Daemonia concept to bits, the Diablolos Tarot would become a direct contrast to the Elemental Tarot, and I'd remove the "Powers work by changing fates" concept because it is dumb. The two tarots would instead be the set of Tarot cards switching sides every generation, so at any given time the Diabolos Tarot and Elemental Tarot have eleven cards each. I'd take the Joker/Fool tarot from that one girl and give her something like the Chariot. The Joker would contrast with The Sun since that's the protagonist and would also be plot relevant later.

The main source of conflict from the cards is that The Sun tarot was supposed to be a Diabolos card and The Emperor was supposed to be an Elemental tarot card, but Akari gains the power of The Sun card and this worries the people at Sefiro Fiore (Which is no longer a weird cult-like place in the middle of nowhere, but a tarot card reading place and maid cafe because this is still an anime).

The Astralux would be a plain mirror world instead of some place in nowhere, the Elemental Tarot's power would be based around growing closer to yourself and learning/accepting more, while the Diabolos Tarot would gain power from growing farther away from yourself and merely letting the parts of your mind you refuse to acknowledge go to do damage.

Anyways, I'd keep most of the stuff from the first episode but I'd change most of the motives and Fuyuna would not die. In fact, Fuyuna would be the cause of the fire instead of a random man with no importance (and I'd change the location to school). Sometime at school, Fuyuna would grow so jealous of Akari that she'd start the fire in the middle of a hallway, watching as people suffer behind her Akari charges toward the distorted version of Fuyuna (who she doesn't know is Fuyuna) and would get kicked out of a window. As she fell, Akari would look at a shattered piece of glass and see another version of herself and then a card would rush out of the mirror and cue an actual decent transformation sequence. Akari would enter the Astralux, where she'd see a sickly version of Fuyuna controlling the world outside with a card over her. Two other girls, Luna and Ginka, would immediately arrive and try to kill Fuyuna and Akari would stop them. A mysterious figure would then arrive and whisk Fuyuna away. Ginka would immediately blow her top at Akari but Luna would calm her down and begin to explain whatever, end of episode.

The next episode would begin with a rescue effort at Akari's school, Akari's father (who is alive and not a crazy Daemonia thing) would arrive and take her home, where she'd be stuck with no answers. Enter Fuyuna, Akari would ask her what she's up to and ask her not to try anything like that again, but she'd only laugh at her and tell her if Cerebrum hadn't taken her card she'd kill her then and there. Akari's father hears the last part and this causes tension between him and Fuyuna's parents. The next morning, since there's no school Akari visits her friends at the old mansion but before she gets there Ginka and Luna confront her (Yes Seira isn't in this version yet) and whisk her off to Sefiro Fiore, where they explain that her cousin is using a card from the Diabolos Tarot. Sefiro Fiore is a little group of people with the power of the Elemental Tarot and they've tracked Cerebrum to Japan (Which means no silly international plots and that there would be 11 girls working at the Sefiro Fiore cafe).

They explain to her that they weren't trying to kill Fuyuna, just destroy her Diabolos Tarot card, which would make it disappear until the next generational cycle began. If not, Fuyuna would die from overusing the card because separating her spirit and mind would be fatal, and this would in turn create a Diabolos monster which would be much harder to defeat and it could manifest in the real world, exposing the world to the fact that Diabolos monsters exist (Which would be bad for reasons I haven't come up with, but mostly because even if people knew it existed they couldn't do much about it. Oh yeah, if an Elemental Tarot user gains the opposite of this, that is their spirit and mind coming together completely, they could manifest in the real world instead of just on the Astralux, this would probably be important later). Akari agrees to this plan, but tells them about Fuyuna not having the card on her, which prompts Ginka to hand Akari her own Sun card which she dropped after the shock of her first transformation. As Ginka chats with/interrogates Akari on her life and Luna acts shy/cute, Etia and Ariel discuss the Sun card being an Elemental Tarot card instead of what they expected (Only Etia, Ariel, Akari and Priscilla [oh now I remember her name] would be able to actually read tarot cards, and even then it's only a side effect of their powers/specific cards).

The girls would then get called out to another tragedy, this time at the mansion Akari's friends live in. The three girls and Priscilla would head out to face Fuyuna, who would be long gone and spouting nonsense. After a huge battle (where Fuyuna would fight fused with a Diabolos monster), Priscilla would finally land a blow on Fuyuna's card and end it. Fuyuna would leave the Astralux, but just as she disappears and ice arrow would hit where she'd been. A Seira signature ice-arrow, Ginka and Priscilla would call out for her, with Akari and Luna having no idea what was going on.

Fuyuna would run away from home (Really she's gone with Cerebrum, who is not a creep here), leaving Akari with no answers until the final arc.

There would then be an arc involving Akari and Seira facing off and Akari teaching Seira that it's important to help others if you have the ability to, and working together is the best way of achieving said goals (no dumb backstory here, Seira's just a very jaded kid because of her upbringing, she'd have two older manipulative brothers who got whatever they wanted despite consequence and she's not very trusting because of that). This arc would last until episode 4, then we'd get a triple play arc involving both Luna and Ginka's families (With Luna's family wanting to purchase Ginka's dad's company). It would involve:

  • Ginka's uncle trying to use the power of the Diabolos tarot to hurt others who are more successful in business and Akari kind of fighting over ideals with him, this arc would end with a scene in the Astralux where Ginka's uncle kind of freely gives up to Akari without a fight and Cerebrum would be very angry at this outcome.

  • Ginka going over times when she was less fortunate and trying to deal with her uncle being so vindictive towards her, she'd also be angry at Akari for seeming to be more in tune with the arguements and logic behind the fight

  • Luna dealing with her family still not caring about her and being kind of jealous of Ginka since all her family's focus is on Ginka's family, this arc would involve her and Seira bonding over both their terrible families and Luna telling Seira about her wonderful dead sister or something.

The next arc would involve dealing with the woman who takes The Emperor card from Cerebrum, this arc would go deeper into the understanding of the Tarot system and Akari's own guilt over having abilities that "she doesn't deserve", after finding out the truth from Etia and Ariel. This woman just happens to have been friends with Akari's mother (who, since there's no inheritance system, was an archeologist who died in a dig). In this arc they discover that Akari's mother managed to make her way deep into the Astralux (because the mirror world is connected to every mirror) using someone else's Elemental Tarot card (ie The World card holder before Etia) on a dig in Germany. After finding out that Etia keeps reading the Sun card as destroying everything the next time it becomes Diabolos, she makes a deal with a mysterious figure who seems to be in control of the Tarot system as a whole but in exchange the person asks for her own daughter to become the holder of the next Elemental Sun card. This arc would also involve Akari and Cerebrum having a one on one duel, since Cerebrum only chose this woman because it would draw out Akari and he wants to study her. After a lengthy battle, Akari's increasing level of self-awareness finally comes to a head and she transforms into a more powerful version of her usual Astralux self, Cerebrum, unsure of her new power level and only being a normal level card holder with a mysterious control over the other Diabolos tarot cards, leaves.

The final arc would involve the girls deciding to attempt to go deeper into the Astralux and find out more, the other Tarot holders encourage them along promising to protect the world. With Akari gone, Cerebrum would go mad, since he wanted to observe and destroy her after the arc where she defeats a Diabolos holder with no battle at all, which he sees as effortless. Fuyuna asks him for another card and he willingly provides it to her, the two of them rampage across the city (Along with one more character from an arc I haven't super detailed yet probably). Cerebrum then feels a pull from the Astralux, the Tree of Life itself is calling him. Meanwhile, Priscilla talks to Fuyuna about her jealousy towards Akari.

The girls face monstrous creatures but eventually get to the Tree of Life, which is actually a young woman. She explains her story to them; long ago a young boy came across her and attempted to destroy her as human beings no longer required deities and she was one of them. Using the last of her energy at the time, she bargained with him and he agreed. She promised him eternal life but cheated him out of a deal; she took the set of Tarot cards he carried with him and transformed them into the Elemental and Diabolos Tarots, creating a concept of both her own making and of a collective set of human sins and virtues which gave her access to humankind's collective mental energy. She then retreated into the mirror world, and since she was there that was where the energy of human thoughts would reach her, wherever there was a mirror. Explosions of human nature, the virtues/Elemental and sins/Diabolos would give her immense power. She doesn't care about the conflicts at all, she just wants to continue being the last god, the most powerful god. The young boy whose energy she initially used for this process turns out to be the same one she made a "deal" with... and also Cerebrum. Cerebrum would then arrive and lock blades with Akari. The Tree laced his thoughts with the belief of chaos that had already been there and sent him out into the world, but at least she'd kept her promise of giving him eternal life!

The next episode would involve and explosion of energies and Akari and Cerebrum being locked in a battle that The Tree realizes might be the final battle and could break her hold over the energy she ammasses from imagination. Akari's friends decide to protect the sphere of glowing energy where Akari and Cerebrum are fighting.

In the sphere, an abstract layout of a conversation where Akari and Cerebrum talk about their lives comes about, interlaced with combat set seemingly far away. In the end as the two of them agree they rush at each other with their blades and... shake hands. The orb of energy splits and all the Tarot holders are summoned to the Astralux where they fight the Tree, in a spectacular show of rainbows and stuff (a- I'm no good with fight choreography and b- Taiyou already had super brilliant fights because their director was great, but I'd've liked to see more magic circles though) they win. Cerebrum, real name something is allowed to live the rest of his life with the women at Sefiro Fiore, and the only conflict that remains is the good old human kind. Akari and Fuyuna make up and everybody remains friends and co-workers at Sefiro Fiore. The end.

And this only took me an hour! (And two minutes of that was just Firefox freaking out because of the massive amount of text)

And if you managed to actually read through it or at least give it enough consideration to scroll all the way down here, I present you some of the super weirdest/worst Japanese music, courtesy of HenLee.


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    Frankly, even a blank screen would be an improvement over Phatom-piercing Sun. (yes, I like that name)

    And you should find less terrible things to write walls-o-text about.

  • There is love everywhere, I already know

    Phatom-piercing Sun

    I'd complain if not all three names for the series didn't fit at all. Day Break Illusion is still the worst though, I wonder how Aniplex USA is going to get people to pay for a $250 boxset :P

    And you should find less terrible things to write walls-o-text about.


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