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The Chomsky Zizek wars

edited 2013-07-27 16:00:33 in Philosophy

It seems to be divided between people who hate Zizek with the fiery passion of a thousand suns and would side with Time Cube guy if he ever got into a war with Zizek, people who like Zizek, and people who are going "lol i hate both".

I want to see someone strongly side with Chomsky


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    Some time ago there was a Chomsky vs. Žižek discussion in a FB group I'm a member of (originally intended as a group for sociology students, but it quickly turned into a general discussion group for leftist students). More of them sides with Chomsky than with Žižek, I think.

    While I do believe that Žižek is an intellectual charlatan, similar to Hitchens, and many of his opinions are downright absurd, inconsistent and eclectic, his approach in theory is still closer to me than Chomsky's.

  • OK, you're going to have to give me some background and explanation on this. So... anyone wanna?

  • a little muffled

    I tried to wiki it, but all I found was one sentence in Žižek's article saying Noam Chomsky strongly disagrees with his ideas, with no elaboration.

  • My impression of Zizek is basically that he is a gigantic troll.

  • if u do convins fashist akwaint hiz faec w pavment neway jus 2 b sur


  • "To fight philosophers, we created philosophers of our own."

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