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Final Fantasy VII now available on Steam

edited 2013-07-04 13:48:14 in Media
Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human


1. It appears to be an updated version of the Eidos PC port.  It contains original graphics and MIDI soundtrack (you can change the soundtrack with some fan-made fixes, though).  However, it seems to be updated to work on modern computers, hopefully without crashing randomly.

2. It appears that the SecuROM DRM that was present in the direct-from-Squenix digital version is gone.  However, you still need to make a Square-Enix account (or log in with Facebook) in order to play the game.  The game uses cloud saves (no pun intended, really), but does so using Squenix's servers, rather than Steam's; supposedly you can disable the cloud saves and just have local saves.  (The game probably also uses Steam wrapper DRM.)

Edit: Someone has verified that the game will attempt to start Steam if you try to play it without having Steam already started.  So it does have Steam wrapper DRM.


  • Oh cool, Final Fantasy 7! That's often stated to be the b-

    >Character Booster


  • Well, it beats grinding.

  • > FFVII

    > grinding

  • Clearly you've never tried fighting Emerald Weapon.

  •  Well, it beats grinding. 

    More like defeats the point. If you don't want to experience the gameplay to its fullest, why are you even playing the game?

  • when "experiencing the gameplay to its fullest" includes random battles and grinding, maybe I don't always want to experience the gameplay to its fullest.  I actually like grinding in RPGs when the combat or at least the character management is fun; not everyone does.  Some people want to just skip the grinding and focus on the other aspects to the game - exploration and story. 


    But not me.   I will probably get this when it hits a sale and then play it again.  I've beaten FF VII... only twice I think.  If I can get this on Steam for $5 then I will happily replay it that way. 

  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human

    It's previously been discounted -50% to $6 on the Squenix store, FYI.

  • Character Booster is cheap, but ultimately little different from an old-school cheat code that everyone knew.  Just...don't use it.

    I do hope they had the presence of mind to disable relevant achievements on that file if you use it though.

  • I wasn't interested in buying it on the Squenix store, and had specifically been holding out for a version on Steam or GOG.  All of my transactions there have been either late or fucked.  Then you have nagging issues like them locking out downloads after 30 days.  I'm not defending Steam's racket as 100% good, but it's the better option by far and I'd rather get FF VII over Steam than on the Square-Enix store. 

  • Ooh, sounds interesting. I already have the 3 discs, but it's nice to see people get the chance to play this.

  • edited 2013-07-05 20:48:52
    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human

    I see Character-Booster-type features as something like tool-assisted gameplay.  Such as savestates.  You can use if it you want.  You can not use it if you don't want.  It all depends on the gameplay experience you want to get out of it, and frankly speaking, if you cheat your way through a non-competitive single-player videogame, I'm okay with that.


    That said...the Squenix store locks you out of downloads after 30 days?  The hecK?  I have a ton of games that I've bought but haven't downloaded yet.  Just looking at my Steam library...I've had Wizorb, Zombie Shooter 2, Metro 2033, Aquaria, BIT.TRIP RUNNER, Darwinia...I wonder what the oldest such game is...Darwinia.  I've owned it on Steam since November 2011, and I don't think I've ever downloaded it.  If I'm wrong about that one, then it's a tie between Hacker Evolution: Duality, Hacker Evolution: Untold, and Zombie Shooter 2 (which might differ by a few minutes between them).

    I would like to try out the two Hacker Evolution games sometime...and Zombie Shooter 1 was vaguely fun...and Darwinia is one of the few multiplayer games on Steam that I have...

    Then again, all this would really change is that I'll just download the game and then not play it.  Alternatively, I could just buy the game then download a cracked copy which I ought to be ethically okay with.

  • I've had several games on Steam I either uninstalled and reinstalled months later, or bought with the express purpose of playing once I have a faster computer.  A 30-day limit on that is...frankly detestable.

  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human

    bought with the express purpose of playing once I have a faster computer.

    The first time I got a PC game I couldn't play was when I got Hydrophobia: Prophecy.

    I think my current computer still can't play it.

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