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Create a password!

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Your password must meet the following requirements:

* must contain at least one lowercase letter

* must contain at least one uppercase letter

* must contain at least one mid-case letter

* must contain at least two uppercase letters and two lowercase letters

* must contain at least one number

* must contain at least one special character

* must contain at least two special characters

* may not contain spaces

* may not any special characters

* must be between 6 and 20 characters long

* may be up to 9 characters long

* must be 8 to 12 characters long

* must be at least 12 characters long

* may not be your e-mail address

* may not be your frequent flyer number

* may not be your account number

* may not be your driver's license number

* may not be your password

* may not contain common strings such as "password", "1234", or "asdf"

* may not contain the name of this website

* may not contain strings like "account", "official", etc.

* may not contain strings like "correct", "horse", "battery", "staple", etc.

* must contain the entire scientific name of a recently discovered dinosaur

* must have a hexadecimal sum equal to 12B when converted to UTF-8 unicode and summed

* may not contain the DNA sequence of your first-born child

* must include source code from at least two different empirical models of the price of light sweet crude, each written in a different programming language

* must contain at least one Chinese character, at least one Japanese Katakana character, and at least one Cyrillic letter

* must contain the soul of at least one starving orphan under the age of 5

* must contain garlic and holy water

* may not contain leavening

* may not contain ultramafic intrusions

* may not contain high fructose corn syrup

* may not contain asbestos, mercury, or lead

* must include at least one polyunsaturated hydrocarbon containing a chain of 6 to 20 carbons

* may not contain any ribonucleases

* may not contain tritones

* must include at least one chromatic third modulation

* must include at least one instance of a Laplace transform

* may not contain factorials

* must be continuous and differentiable over its entire length



  • One foot in front of the other, every day.

    * may not contain tritones

    * must include at least one chromatic third modulation

    You motherfucker. 

  • No rainbow star

    ^ That has a special character though

  • All he said was "may not a special character". He didn't say anything about containing one.

    Also, fifty kitty whiskers to whomever can explain that joke, yo.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human

    And 180 days later, it happens again.


    Yeah, my password for school stuff has to be changed once every slightly-less-than-half-a-year.

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    My arms are falling off!

    Any site that puts a cap on password limits, particularly under 20 characters, will make me flip a shit.

    Any site that EMAILS MY PASSWORD TO ME is a sign the site is not storing passwords in a secure manner (protip: email isn't secure unless you take extra steps), and as such should not be trusted, at least with a password you use anywhere else.

    Then again, using the same password on any two services is bad practice, especially if one of those services is your online banking, email, or something else particularly important.

  • a little muffled
    Then again, using the same password on any two services is bad practice, especially if one of those services is your online banking, email, or something else particularly important.
    Of course, your email password gets you into anything with an email-based password reset anyway...
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    Y'know how some sites have password strength meters?  I like to mess with them a little by trying different combinations of letters.


    And inevitably, they disappoint me because I can figure out that all they're counting is the number of different types of characters.

    Seriously, though, tell me: would you more readily guess this password:


    or this password:


    Alternatively, which one would be easier to attack?

  • those are both terrible passwords

  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human

    I think I am going to call "p@$$w0rd" (or the associated "P@$$w0rd" for ones that require capital letters) the "password strength indicator strength indicator".

  • a little muffled

    I recall seeing an actually decent password strength meter somewhere, but I forget where now.

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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Minimum 8 characters.
    Max 20 characters.
    Must contain a digit.
    Must contain mixed case letters (upper and lower case).
    Well, damnit, there goes my idea of using "a raucous caucus" as my password.  Or "huge iguana in bathrub".  Or "missive chalice".  Or "stick a finger in the institutional crossfire".  Or "tengu on a KFC bucket".  Or "flitting seethingly".  Or "as as as as cox cox cox cox".
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    I guess "Your 9-Way Bastard Child" still works.  Maybe.

    Nope.  Too many characters.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Our friends over at SekaiProject.com have a better password strength indicator.

    I tried my password strength indicator strength indicator on it.

    > enter p@$$w0rd

    > Very weak - Please enter a stronger password.

    Okay, I am satisfied.

    Also it seems to check whether your password is a chain of dictionary-lookupable words.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    8-16 characters
    At least 1 lowercase letter
    At least 1 uppercase letter
    At least 1 number

    "FuckYou2" works
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    So I have to choose a new password again.

    Let's just mock the questions this time:

    Question 1 (out of 10):  A strong password protects your computer. It is a complex set of characters that makes it difficult for someone to steal or guess.  Which one of the following is a strong password a password you can't freaking remember for the life of you:
    * Administrator
    * One234
    * My Account
    * $jelF2bb
    * My dog's name

    Question 2 (out of 10): TRUE or FALSE:  The University’s Responsible Use of Computing policy (#1301) addresses the action of trying to use someone else's account pretend to be a competent POTUS while named Donald J. Trump.

    Question 3 (out of 10): A security risk is software that appears to perform desirable functions, but in fact, steals information or harms your computer. If you have priviledges, where you can load programs on your computer, you have to be extra cautious.  It is important to know the source of a program before you install it because:
    * It has to be made in the last year epoch.
    * It has to come from a friendly country Russia, with love.
    * It has to come from a source you know about, rather than from a strange or unknown site your good ol' friend Vladimir Putin.
    * It has to have pictures of your ex-wife.

    Question 4 (out of 10): Phishing is a way of acquiring your sensitive information electronically by trying to look like it is from a trusted source or well known company. Which of these is an example of phishing?
    * A "no action required" communication from a reliable source.
    * An e-mail or pop-up from "Your IT Help Desk Office" "Definitely Not Satan" asking for personal account information first-born child's soul.
    * A reminder to complete your time sheet.
    * A web site for a seafood restaurant.

    Question 5 (out of 10): A phishing scam will employ deceptive means to obtain your sensitive information.  If you respond to a phishing attack, you could be opening the door to:
    * Viruses (like malware) that will infect my computer Asbetos and mercury
    * Substantial financial loss Pink elephants
    * Credit damage That one guy who lives next door and won't ever shut up about his pet political issue
    * All of the above

    Question 6 (out of 10): Of the following choices, which indicates when it is safe to open a file attached to an e-mail?
    * When I know the sender, the attachment is expected, and it is not unusual in any way except for the fact that a bouquet of flowers has materialized on your desk upon reading the e-mail.
    * When the strange e-mail is only sent to me (and not a group) encourages you to have a live chat with a paramilitary recruiter somewhere in the deserts of Syria or Iraq.
    * When the attachment is not an .exe or .com looks like a gerrymandered congressional district.
    * When the sender is a friend of a friend, but not someone I know personally Steve Bannon.

    Question 7 (out of 10): Hackers are constantly using malicious computer viruses and worms to search for unprotected computers to infect or compromise. Hackers can gain access to uprotected computers quickly.  On average, how long does it take for an unprotected networked computer to be compromised once it is connected to the internet?
    * 1 month mealtime
    * Almost immediately
    * 10 hoursparsecs
    * 7 business days

    Question 8 (out of 10): Which of the following is true regarding mobile devices such as smartphones? (Choose two)
    * Mobile devices are not susceptible to viruses or other malware the force of gravity.
    * Mobile devices may contain sensitive information ants.
    * The small size of mobile devices makes them a good target for theft snipers practicing headshots.
    * It is not necessary to apply patches to the operating system of mobile devices inb4 Central Avenue.

    Question 9 (out of 10): Information technology security means protecting information and computers from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, or modification. TRUE or FALSE:  Information technology security is primarily a technology issue and has nothing to do with my behavior, it is entirely the fault of Sean Spicer.
    * True.
    * False. IT Security is everyone's monkey business.

    Question 10 (out of 10): When connecting your computer to Mason's wireless network you should:  (Choose 2)
    * Feel secure enough to send sensitive and confidential data, such as my social security number, credit card information, or password(s) with out any other while not wearing protection.
    * Lose sleep wondering whether using wireless access will allow strangers to login to my computer and the data stored on my hard drive download all my country's nuclear secrets.
    * Enjoy the freedom of connecting to the Internet without hassling with cables carrier pigeons and/or concern that Mason will be billing my account for this special service smoke signals.
    * Use encryption technology when transmitting to protect my data from being exposed to Russian hackers.
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    okay i don't know what the fuck is wrong with the display of this thread
  • I am amused how they make the assumption that operating system updates for mobile phones will be readily available.

    Whoever wrote this must use iPhones, because Android device vendors are notoriously horrible at keeping Android up-to-date.
  • can someone un-break this thread
  • I tried, but I couldn't figure out what the problem is, so I gave up.
  • what is even going on
  • i'm trying to edit the post immediately above the one where everything breaks and i don't know what's causing it
  • edited 2017-04-25 06:08:34
    the HTML list markup and our quote markup seem to jibe poorly with each other
  • it's still kinda broken
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    lemme try editing the html in my "a raucous caucus" (or "as as as as cox cox cox cox") post
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    i took out a few div tags (which seemed harmless so i dunno what happened) and the thread now looks normal on mobile, while it was previously screwed up even on mobile

    i wonder if the desktop version looks fine now
  • d(⌒ー⌒)
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Minimum 8 characters.
    Max 20 characters.
    Must contain a digit.
    Must contain mixed case letters (upper and lower case).

    This quote.
    It had div and/div tags surrounding the second and third lines (in addition to br), and I think a div tag opening the fourth line; I don't remember whether the last one was closed.
    I removed the div tags.  That was all I did.  I'm amazed that that pea bugged this forum princess.
    @Anonus, did you change something else?
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