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Rules Thread v4.1 (please read)

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Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human

Before joining, note that the applicant approval system is pretty much just a spam prevention measure.

With that out of the way, here are the rules. The basic rules are up front, and you can click the toggleboxes for more details.

The Main Rule
Rule #0: Be civil and be open-minded. Don't be a jerk.

The Really Serious Stuff
Rule #1: Don't do illegal things.

Rule #2: No spamming.

Rule #3: No impersonating other users.

Rule #4: Keep the site SFW (except for links in threads marked NSFW).

The Fairly Serious Stuff
Rule #5: Be civil. Disagreeing is fine; attacks and rudeness aren't.

Rule #6: Don't start drama, contribute to it, or import or export it.

The Less Serious Stuff
Rule #7: Don't intentionally derail threads.

Rule #8: Multiple accounts are allowed, within limits.

Rule #9: Humor and nonsense are allowed, but don't overdo them.

If the above rules are broken, the following consequences may occur: threads may be closed or deleted; posts may be edited or deleted; users may be warned, put on probation, temporarily banned, or permanently banned.

A couple more clarifications:
* necro policy: You're allowed to revive threads that haven't activity in a long time, but try to make sure you've got something interesting/useful to say. Bumping threads with no new content is discouraged.
* ignore extensions: You may use them, but you don't get special status; you will be treated just like everyone else who sees all the posts.

How to contact the staff
* forum posts and threads: click "flag" and leave a message explaining why it's a problem.
* private messages: add one or more mods to the conversation.
* website bugs or feature suggestions: use this thread.

The IJBM staff

moderators: glennmagusharvey, Naas_H_Sapiens
webmaster: Unknown_Entity


1. This website makes no guarantees. Do not depend on this site, especially for your mental well-being. Using it in a school or workplace is at your own risk, as it may contain distractions, NSFW content, and more.

2. This website and the people who run it disclaim liability (including liability for user-generated content) to the greatest extent allowed by applicable laws. This board may contain material (including language and/or content) not suitable for minors. If you are a minor, you understand that this board may contain material not suitable for minors, and that you view the material at your own risk.

3. The mods reserve the right to do things not stated in the rules. We'll try to avoid this generally, but these rules are not meant to be a law library.


To paraphrase the MST3K Mantra: "It's just a forum. You should really relax."


edit regarding "drama" and such: it's kind of a bad idea to join a site just to complain about the policies on another website or online community.


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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Slight update:

    The forum application system is broken. Admittedly, it's been broken for a while. Sorry about that.

    I think you can apply to join the forum, but I can't see it, because going to it results in an error page.

    If you want to join, you probably know someone here already. Have them tell me to make an account for you. I think that still works.
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