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edited 2013-04-30 16:12:53 in Philosophy

If there is not a real danger of jackbooted thugs breaking down your door and dragging you away for re-education, you are not allowed to say you are engaging in this, mmkay?


  • BeeBee
    edited 2013-04-30 18:35:50

    Unfortunately, wrongful arrests for dissent happen all the time.  It doesn't exactly result in being dragged away for re-education, but it does result in detention, financial fuckery, and arrest records that spoil chances for employment in the future.  I mean, hell, we're so bad about it that we're on the OSCE's watchlist because we so regularly violate rights to dissent and assembly.

    Europe is alternately better and worse depending.  This, among other way too far-reaching things involved, would have criminalized dissent against an internet pornography ban.

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