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The List [Interest Check/OOC Thread]

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There is love everywhere, I already know


Welcome to Paul Basin University, it's your second year at this old hallowed institute. Well, it's not exactly /old/. Established in 1900, Paul Basin University was closed in 1950 after some sort of incident. The university was only re-opened 50 years later. They say whatever troubled it all those years back still roams the school today.

It doesn't really matter to you though, the facilities are shiny and new, so that's always a plus. Your [dorm/off campus home] is nice enough and you've been doing well in all your classes so far, is there anything else you could ask for?

It's the fiftieth time you've heard rumours about this "List" and its mission to kill the ghosts under the school. You're getting very tired of it. Everybody knows and perpetuates the legends (mostly to the susceptible bright-eyed freshmen) but nobody has proof of it's existence, yet the stories continue to fit themselves into everyday conversation and sometimes even lectures.

Of course you don't believe in any of this stuff, and in just three more years you'll be done with this place and will be able to support yourself (granted you can pay back your massive student loans). It's easy enough, isn't it?

Well, it is, until Pennettiere shows up, claiming to be the "Reader" of the real pen-to-paper list and asking you to join the Named in permanently sealing whatever evil lies under the school before the tragedy of 1950 repeats itself.

Other Stuff

I'm not looking for a set number of players or anything, any application would be welcome, just provide the following details:





Backstory (Include your Major if you can, classes will be semi-important):

[Just to be clear, characters all have to be human with reasonable human conditions for 2012/13].

You can ask me any questions here in the thread or via PM. When necessary I'll probably update this post with the rules of the List and important NPC stats.

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