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Hanky Panky Dating Shizz

edited 2012-12-20 09:55:48 in Meatspace
Ridi, Pagliaccio, sul tuo amore infranto!

Because I realized we don't have a thread for anything specific like this, and I feel like talking about it a bit.

>implying all IJBMers aren't incapable of this thing you humans call love


  • One foot in front of the other, every day.

    "Love"? Is it edible?  

  • You can change. You can.

  • Who are you kidding, the troper diaspora is a grumpy, loveless lot.

    (Actually, it seems a bunch of people are pairing off, though for most of the couples at most one of them are on this site, I think)

  • Oh jolly, an Arcanine General!

    >dat feel when hanging out with people who go >dat feel when no BF every other day

    >dat feel when you're a good wingbro to nerdettes, but they are shit at returning the favour

    >dat feel when only daring to flirt when hammered

    >dat feel when the last one you played tonsil hockey with was a dude

    >dat feel when losing all interest into anything more than friendship the moment they let slip any issues to you

    >dat feel when you're afraid the joke repertoire of terrible pick-up lines, creeping people out for giggles and banter starts to be taken at face-value the moment you're ever going to show serious interest in anyone

    >dat feel when you don't even know what you'd want out of a relationship, but feel uncomfortable with keeping it casual because the other person's feels can't be calculated in

    Exposure therapy recommended by the sounding board(which consists of a bro who still has hang-ups about his ex a year later, a bro who has a minimum of three flings going on at the same time but is too afraid to ever commit and a brodette who is a hopeless romantic about marriage yet doesn't bat an eyelash at hooking up with that English prof who cheats on his wife with her somehow), so gonna go dancing with an insomniac anorexic tonight.

  • I'm a damn twisted person
    And at some point Insanity Addict's life became a Nick Hornby novel.
  • Never read any of his works, I'm afraid.

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