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Eelektross plays Chrono Trigger (again)!

edited 2012-12-10 10:29:35 in Liveblogging
Definitely not gay.

I tried a similar thing going on at HH, but it failed because I lacked a consistent audience. Also because I relied too much on unfunny memes.

So yeah...I've gone through CT four times before, so I'm pretty sure I know what I'm doing. However, depending on my choices later on in the game (as there is a non-linear segment like most JRPGs) I might run into some muck-ups (Watch out for Son of Sun!). I will, of course, be needing advice from the audience as to which sidequests I will take (though there is one sidequest that I will definitely take, but I won't specify because lol spoilers), but expect a smooth run in general for the meantime. 

Anyways, wordwall aside, let's start Chrono Trigger!

Before we can start, we need to know the name of the young man who will define a lot of things in this game. That's right, we need to name the main character! 

What will the name of this young man be? (Note a 6-word limit)

(Just a heads-up: the naming process might take a while but that's 'cos I want everyone to have a fair shot at the name game)



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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human

    Are you sure it's not a five-character limit?

  • Definitely not gay.

    I'm using the DS version.

    I have the SNES version, but I'm not using that for that very reason.

  • yea i make potions if ya know what i mean


  • But you never had any to begin with.


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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human

    > (Note a 6-word limit)

    "its not a five character limit"

  • Definitely not gay.


    no, it isn't.

  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human

    Note the use of "word".  I'm mocking that. :P

    Anyway, I usually go with the default names.  Unless you can find something appropriately suitable.  Another silent protagonist, perhaps (Red? Ash? Randi? Mario?), or maybe another save-the-world hero (Cecil?).

    Or yourself (Eelekt).

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    Definitely not gay.

    Randi isn't silent and Ash isn't even a video game character.

    And I don't wanna be involved in a relationship with a 13-year-old girl.

  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human

    I named my Pokémon Blue player-character Ash and my rival Gary.  And I kept a pikachu all the way to the bitter end, despite its stats sucking.

    Also, protip: add 2 to 5 to female video game and anime characters' ages to get something more sensible.  Or simply ignore her canon age and name her after your girlfriend or crush.

  • I'm a damn twisted person

    Ooh I know, go with Nathan, since lol time travel bullshit. 

  • a little muffled


  • OOOooooOoOoOOoo, I'm a ghoOooOooOOOost!

    (Note a 6-word limit)

    Simo Tesla Roosevelt, Knight of Awesome.

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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human

    I like Nathan, but the only reasons for that are Nathan Graves (main character of Castlevania: Circle of the Moon) and the TA in one of my classes once who is named Nathan (not Graves though).  You could also use Victor, who is a character from the cancelled Castlevania: the Bloodletting game.  He was involved in time travel...even though he is a whip-wielding vampire hunter.

    If we're talking time-travel shenanigans, you can always name him Quint, after the character Quint from Mega Man II who is supposed to be involved in some sort of weird-ass time-loop that no one quite understands (or gives much of a shit about).

  • Definitely not gay.

    ...OK, so the one I liked best was Lavos.

    And as a consolation prize (since you name her shortly after) Lucca is now Quint.

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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human



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    Definitely not gay.



    Good morning, Lavos!"

  • LaiLai
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    Come on, Dominic. Everyone knows Quint is the BEST. NAME. EVAR.

    Or even he finds Quint unbelievably stupid.

  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human


    That's why you don't call the main character Bowser because he's not a bunch of slightly-villainous dumb muscle.  And you don't call Lucca Bowser either.

  • Well, NOW I am in my replay. Thanks Glenn. :D

  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human

    Did I just give you the idea to name everyone Bowser?

  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human


  • Definitely not gay.

    We cut to a nice obligatory establishing shot (that surprisingly isn't in Mode 7! Seriously, Chrono Trigger only uses Mode 7 once or twice) that shows that the world is pretty peachy in general! That last part's going to play a huge part in the plot, so look out for that.

    And now, here's one of the most iconic scenes ever! Lavos' mom wakes him up and tells him to go to a "Millennial Fair" or something. I guess we know where to go first!


    Did you guess the Millennial Fair? Because if you did, then that's wrong!

    We're going gold hunting! Also we named Lucca Quint.

    Talking to Lavos' Mom yields 200 G. It isn't much, but it's enough.

    The mayor is obviously rich off of his ass, so talk to him twice and he'll give you 300 G! Porre's mayor is far less nice, but he'll give you 10 G for your dignity. 

    Go to Guardia Forest to grind a bit and get a hang of the combat system. I obviously don't need to get a grip on the combat, but the Cyclone tech won't hurt.

    Oh yeah, and (although I'm sure you all know this by now) here's a basic low-down on the combat system:

    There are three commands when you get in battle (unlike Final Fantasy's four)

    • Attack: Exactly what it says. Your character executes a basic attack to one target that does non-elemental damage. If you're lucky, you'll get a Critical.

    • Tech: This is the equivalent of Magic in the game. However, unlike magic, attack techs can be both physical and magical. Actual magic spells are marked with an *.

    • Item: This opens the Item menu, where you can choose from a variety of items (almost always healing). 

    You can also run with the L and R buttons, but you won't need them much 'cos the game's really easy.

    Anyways, here's how it works. As I mentioned earlier, Basic Attack can only target one enemy. Techs are different. While most early-game techs only target one enemy, there are techs that target a whole bunch of enemies as long as they follow a certain pattern. Late-game techs target all enemies regardless of position, but we're stuck with Cyclone for now.

    Pretty standard RPG stuff, really. What I found really innovative is how you encounter the enemies in the first place. Some enemies can actually be avoided, seeing as the overworld and the battle screen are one and the same. The prototype for this was in Zelda 2, but it was relatively unsophisticated and didn't really catch on until now.

    Not much to say about the enemies. Pretty standard noob enemies. Toriyama's designs are totally whack though.

    So 2 enemy battles later we've leveled up and gained Cyclone.

    Cyclone is the very first tech you get. It's your only consistent way of dealing damage to multiple enemies at this stage of the game. 


    ...Aw hell, the Chrono Crew are just great at capturing atmosphere. I'm not shitting you. The establishing shot I mentioned earlier says "This planet's just great in general" and that's going to be majorly important. The dev team doesn't just know how to make scenes pretty, they know how to make scenes mean something. There aren't enough examples of this yet, so you won't be able to understand what I mean by this. Unless you've played CT before.

    Anyways, onto the tracks:

    Morning Sunlight is the first track you hear. It's just really nice and soothing, and I love it to bits.

    Peaceful Days is nothing special as overworld themes go. It's superficially charming, but that's all I can say about it.

    Memories of Green, on the other hand, is one of the best overworld themes ever. It captures the magic of simply exploring an overworld very well.

    The above is even better when taken with Secret of the Forest as a companion piece. Secret of the Forest is also great taken alone. It's a nice, jazzy theme at the start, but slowly unfolds into something even greater. It's like CT if CT was converted into pure music.

    The battle theme is a pretty odd one as far as battle themes go. It's a funky piece that would not be out of place in a dance club. However, it still manages to capture the feeling of a battle.

  • Definitely not gay.


    No fun in that.

  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human

    I actually kinda like that battle theme more than most battle themes because it doesn't make battle a big deal (this is a JRPG we're talking about), but instead makes it some sort of momentary diversion, like a minigame.

    Also, pay attention the Secret of the Forest melody.  The motif that begins it reappears in the Ocean Palace theme.  I haven't worked out what it represents yet.

  • Aw, I was hoping you'd do sort of like an FF7 Sephiroth run, and name everyone Lavos.

  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human

    Hey Lai, what are you gonna name the Epoch?

  • I'm not too sure. Something to fit the Bowser theme. I can't put Koopa Klown Car. Too long.
  • You could name it Bowser.

    "Hey Bowser, let's get Bowser and get back to the Bowser!"

  • One foot in front of the other, every day.

    What party combos are you looking at running? Lavos/Lavos/Lavos, or is that too much emphasis on healing? Lavos/Lavos/Lavos might be better. 

    But seriously, you should name Frog "Alex" because that would please my ego. 

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