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Internship opportunities

edited 2012-10-01 20:41:05 in IJAM
Has friends besides tanks now

So, a little while ago, I got back from a panel held by some other students at my school, where they talked about internships/jobs they'd had. It was really informative, and sort of inspiring, too, because they got to do stuff I wouldn't have imagined; one worked for a state Senator and got to work with the law; another became a sports journalist, coming off of working on a sports website, and got to interview his idol, among other people; another, still only a student, got to teach an entirely self-made curriculum to underprivileged-but-gifted middle schoolers; another got various museum jobs and picked up lots of skills, as well as probably lots of neat historical knowledge, without needing an extensive network; and the fifth person in the panel edited for an outdoors magazine and is still working for Atticus Books, which seems nice.

I'm legitimately excited to take on an internship now. I wouldn't have guessed that there were so many cool options for an undergrad student.


  • An internship is probably the single most useful thing college can do for you, yeah.

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