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Raymoo Plays La-Mulana: Hell Temple (remake)

edited 2012-09-20 21:24:04 in Liveblogging
My arms are falling off!

Welcome to my Hell Temple liveblog. This is a thread that none should come to. If thou will have no regrets regardless of what I post, proceed. This is my Hell Temple liveblog. Hell liveblog is hell!

Please note: Although it's obvious of almost any liveblog, I must warn that this liveblog will contain MASSIVE PUZZLE SPOILERS for the Hell Temple. For those who want to clear the Hell Temple themselves, close this thread RIGHT NOW. For those who have already done so, or have no plans to tackle it, be my guest.


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    My arms are falling off!

    Moving on...

    Room 1: A very simple room, I don't think you even need to kill all enemies to proceed.

    Room 2: Destroy all the enemies, tag all the pedestals. Still quite straightforward, although I was expecting the blocks to fall or something as I dumped weight.

    Room 3: The first true puzzle of Hell Temple. I mapped out the room.

    The platforms open up in three phases. Red for phase 1, green for phase 2, blue for phase 3. I also began to map out the fake floors (which I take care to detect with rolling shuriken), but then stopped halffway.

    Then an ever-respawning ninja came out of nowhere and tried to knock me around. I did fall into the first Land of Hell, unfortunately, but stayed around to do the "sleeping in Hell" puzzle for a bit. Fortunately, I fell AFTER the puzzle was completed.

    Room 4: Two of the laser demons, who are stupid enough to home in on my location for me to whip them. There are pedestals in midair, which must be triggered as they are passed by on the one-block platforms. Be careful with the diagonally-moving platform, it will knock you off when it stops.

  • If that don't work, use more gun.

    Good luck with this. It's kind of tough, I still haven't beaten it yet.

  • My arms are falling off!

    I'm gonna speed this up a bit.

    Got to room 9 just fine, opening the shortcut.

    Room 15 gave me a headache trying to jump through the room (only to fall into LoH 2 roughly a million times). Also, PAWNCH.

  • My arms are falling off!

    I was thinking about doing this room the screenshot way...then decided nah, my memory is just fine.

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