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I Keep My Visions To Myself (aka Dreams thread)



  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    I dreamed that I had to explain my music diplomas (from the Royal Schools of Music) to someone who, through some misunderstanding, thought that I not only taught piano but also served on the supreme court of something.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    I wasn't getting my schoolwork done at home, so I went to campus. I checked out what this one dining hall was serving, and they were serving these nice biiiig rectangular fish fillet steaks or something. They had set them all out to tables or something like that.

    This was a one-story dining hall with a not-a-very-tall ceiling, like maybe 10 foot ceiling or so. The walls were light blue, but the lighting was dim, as if they hadn't really opened yet. There was some natural light from some windows near the ceiling, but these were along the walls, and the tables were for some reason arranged more like cubicle desks that faced each other with low-shoulder-height dividing walls made of similarly bluish felt and plastic edges. Like, y'know, office divider type stuff.

    I decided to go and pay for a meal.

    By the time I'd gotten my food and gotten my stuff, though, the place was packed. There were many students already sitting at these cubicles, with their laptop computer screens lighting the areas around them in the otherwise dark room. They were all wearing or had brought in and taken off dark, bulky clothes like winter coats. I had to go to the far wall, where I had to share my table with another student, crowded between the wall and that student , with other students behind and in front of me. This was something like eight students crammed onto two tables, all trying to study and eat at the same time.

    The tables at the far wall were more like regular desks with some other miscellany on them, commonly desktop computers, and some spaces. There was also at least one bookshelf, partially-filled with whatever, and at least one printer a few tables over.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    [compilation post]

    I walked into a shopping mall. This mall had some shops out front, but then a walkway (paved with white tiles and lined with solid-hite concrete handrail walls on both sides that led to a larger atrium in the middle of the mall. This walkway apparently was a curvy bridge, curving to the left and upward a bit, that went over a food court in the basement, which was pretty packed with people.

    It was daytime, bright but without direct sunlight, so there was white natural lighting.

    Eventually I made it to a different part of this mall, where there was some auditorium with stone seating surrounding a stage where someone was making some sort of animal presentation. The stone seating was made of polished granite, white-ish grey stone with specks of black. Little raised blocks of granite were used to delineate subgroups of about 2 to 3 seats each, and there were staircases in the middle of the seating area. There was a skylight letting in light, from above the audience. Most notably, I was on the right side of the audience seating and I noticed that the wall separating the audience from the hallway next to it consisted solely of a waterfall.


    I was organizing my bedroom. It had some furniture which I was rearranging. At some point, a wild turkey flew into my room because I left the balcony door open because it was a sunny day. The turkey hung out with me for a while. Later I remember I was trying to figure out where to move my bed and also a table with a TV and also a big dresser cabinet with some drawers in which someone had left a very dirty NES gamepad. But this was a different room, with a pair of corner windows rather than a balcony door.


    Two other members of my squad (an unspecified military-style squad; both of these people were male) and I were in an office hallway or something like that. I remember the walls were a slightly yellowish concrete, and it was a hallway on the nth floor of some building where n>1, and it was carpeted. Eventually one went out a pair of double doors and...dropped down into some dense forest like 50 feet down or something. And then the other squad member dropped down there too, but they discovered that what they thought was the ground was actually a layer of tree canopy, which they promptly fell through to the ground another 50 feet down or so. They decided to reset and try again.

    This second time, only one of them went down there. He was gone for about a minute and I was chatting with the other guy asking whether we should call his cell.


    We visited this big municipal building. Its main lobby is actually kinda small and narrow, but it has these two big multi-story wings to the building on both sides. And these are surrounded by grassy lawn and concrete walkways. Today, they were celebrating in honor of the various emergency crews that served the city. So there were fire trucks and police cars outside and inside the lobby.

    Behind the municipal building, along the walkway, there were some shops. I went into one of them, a bookstore. Near the front of the shop was a shelf selling some pop culture books, and I found a book that was like The Devil's Dictionary but with a bunch of anime references in it. When my parents got back, I bought it, requested to have no bag, then they stopped to look at stuff so I stopped again, put the book down, on some other merchandise, and started to browse travel books related to Costa Rica. (The shelf this was on had a brown wooden appearance, and was perpendicular to shelf where I found the satirical dictionary, which was painted white.) I found two large-lego sets and one variant of the Game of Life that was somehow Costa-Rica-themed. Then we were leaving so I grabbed the wrong item off the stack where I set down the thing i'd bought and nearly went out the door but then put it back down and grabbed the book I bought instead.

    When we went outside, it was raining mushrooms. Well, mushrooms -- sometimes rather big ones -- were floating down from the sky.


    Something was happening. Different Orange Juice settings were colliding in unintended ways. So I went and visited Star Breaker and asked if she wanted to help straighten things out, instead of just destroying things as she usually does.


    A prelude in E-flat minor, for piano solo, in 9/16 time.
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    I visited a friend at his house, and it was pretty late and I said I had to leave, and he said that I could stay the night because he had an extra bed, but I began thinking of the things i didn't bring with me -- a change of clothes, my pajamas, toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo and soap, etc..

    Eventually I did leave, even though I knew that it'd be lonely and boring going to sleep in my own dorm/apartment. So I went and drove back...but I forgot where the graduate dorm was. I couldn't even recall its name.

    (Note: in real life, I've never lived in a grad dorm with a name.)
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Was in a room, something like a classroom or small laboratory. There were cabinets and other things lining the walls, old-ish vinyl composition tile flooring (like the kind dating from the 90s), a sink all the way on the left. The door with some interior hallway windows on the right, the lights were off, and the main oddity here was that half the room was fenced off with some barrier several inches high, glued to the ground, forming a pen.

    In this pen there were various dogs, I think dachshund puppies. They were eating and drinking food and water served by more grown-up dogs, also dachshunds. The more mature dogs were trained to bring little bowls of food to the puppies, and also trained to scoop up water using plastic water bottles and bring it to this pen. And this water was just poured onto the ground, creating a pool maybe an inch or two deep, which the puppies would gladly lap up. This was the reason for turning this half of the room into a pen.

    I left this room, then went through a room that was a combined music and computer room. It was a long room, with lots of musical instruments and computers/machines set up to play music on one side (let's say the south side). For some reason I went through this room at crawl height, slowly, between all the music stuff, as a bunch of people were using it. When I got to the far end, I stood up, and saw that there were regular computers on the other side of the room, which no one or almost no one was using. There was a lot of noise coming from the music side of the room. I took the back exit out of the room, a door to the east.

    I was at a church. This room was part of a church, for some reason. I walked around the outside of the church buildings, and the lighting outside was dusk-like.

    I walked into the nave of the church, found that the service hadn't started yet, then walked back out and wandered around. I might have found another room to go to, or I might have been looking for a bathroom. Or maybe I was looking to eat something.

    By the time I got back to the nave, the service had already started so I kind astood on the side, leaning forward on some fixture. My mom spotted me from one of the pews on the other side of the nave and attempted to get me to introduce myself to the congregation. This was awkward since I didn't expect to have to introduce myself, and since I was still hungry for the bread and pasta that I had planned to eat for hours now but hadn't gotten around to eating yet.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    I was in a building. It seemed like some modern building, but it was abandoned. It was in pretty good condition, the lights were on, and I was wandering through it. It appeared to be something like an office or school building built for hosting a set of chemistry labs, complete with the appropriate hookups, but there were just no chairs at all, and some fixtures were missing, and in some cases there was some odd debris in the toilets. The rooms were such that they were very frequently interconnected -- I know I went through at least one set of...whatever you'd call a pair of doors that "overlap" each other such that both adjoining rooms have to unlock them for people to go through them. In other words, the kind that you'd have between some hotel rooms.


    I was visiting a South American country, possibly Venezuela (note: I have never visited South America in real life). When we arrived, it was on some large outdoor viewing/waiting platform, vaguely circular or shell-shaped, beneath the blue sky; it was probably dusk. It was paved with variously-shaped brick pavers such that they formed the shapes of large circles using patterns of darker and lighter paver bricks. Two of these circles had massive towers rising from their centers, like several stories tall; at least one of these did not. The crowd of tourists mostly gathered at the edge of the viewing platform, however. When I walked to the edge, I noticed that there was water immediately beyond the platform, actually above the level of the platform itself, held back by glass or transparent plastic. This was at the sides of the platform, rather than looking out over its main thrust. The platform was quite large, though the lake surrounding it was even larger, and as I walked toward the center of the platform I observed as the water beyond it tumbled through a series of small waterfalls and there was a clearing beneath the platform where there were the lights of various shops and restaurants. Looking out toward the water, I saw a darker sky; looking behind (apparently there was a ramp up to the platform), I saw a brighter sky with the sun still visible.

    Eventually, we left this platform by boarding a bus that had driven up to it.
  • possibly Venezuela [...] When we arrived [...] It was paved with variously-shaped brick pavers such that they formed the shapes of large circles using patterns of darker and lighter paver bricks.
    Was this part perhaps inspired by the Cruz-Diez work at the Maiquetía Airport?
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    It looked nothing like that, which I've never seen before anyway.

    That looks neat, though.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    A really really weird house.

    This was a raised ranch (a.k.a. bi-level). From the front it looked like a regular-sized single-family home. Going into it, it still looked like that, with a living room near the entrance, and carpeted hallways and bedrooms going left. The carpet seemed kinda aged; it was single-color but you could see various stains and points depressed by heavy furniture. The current residents were still in there, and the mom in the family was cooking in the kitchen in the center of the upper floor at the time we saw the house. I noted three kids' rooms, one of which had a closed door, and I opened it to find a game room, but was disappointed that it basically had no game boxes.

    The master bedroom was on the other side of the house, which was a little unusual, but one much bigger weirdness of this house, however, was the stairs. There's normally just one set of stairs between the two levels in a bi-level. But this had another flight of stairs in the wing containing the bedrooms, and...what seemed like a third, very steep flight of stairs, custom-built by cutting into the woodwork where a full-size flight of stairs wouldn't have fit. All these stairs had the usual carpet flooring on them, and I remember looking down at the lower level (the basement?) from the top of the super-steep stairs, which had its lights turned on of course (since the house was being shown); these were the usual boring warm-white lights.

    Later I made my way to the basement and went out the back, which was somehow connected to a large, tiled room, which is the other major weirdness. It looked like where you'd set a swimming pool, with small blue tiles lining the entire floor and also the and it was at least two stories tall, with a ceiling typical of a gymnasium (i.e. not "finished" with drop panels). But instead of having a swimming pool, there was only a small puddle of water in the center, roughly oval shaped, and it was surrounded by baseball-style markings in the form of small white tiles that suggested it was to be used as a batting cage for a child. I washed my hands in the oval, and then pressed a button on the wall next to the door from which I entered the room, which seemed to flush the water in the oval somewhat, but also spray water from some weak jets built into the floor outside the oval.

    This also revealed the setting of the house. It was alone by itself on a semi-major road, just one lane each way but still marked with a double yellow line. It was next to a hill on its left (when standing in front of the house looking at it), and to its right was a school, with some construction being done so there were wire fences and other stuff.

    In retrospect, I think the house was probably pretty long in the back. I remember being beneath the house and still outdoors. Oh, also it was overcast but daytime.


    We also visited a park. We needed a pen for something but none of us had a pen, so I dug three of them out of the sloped part of the sandy soil next to a wood-and-metal picnic table next to a tree. My mom then offered me some hand sanitizer which I slathered all over my hands and also on her arm as a courtesy.


    I was watching a shounen anime series about a protagonist, a preteen boy with superpowers. He was being trained as a martial artist. He was sparring with someone, a young man who was his senior in this setting, with a strangely-shaped bow which had a wooden arm extending outward beneath the bow, and he was supposed to try to hit the this wooden arm and shatter it by using his superpower ability, which was called "deathcurse", with a short wooden sword or stick of some sort.

    He sparred with the young man for a little while, pushing him back gradually but never quite shattering the wooden arm. While they started in a larger space, at one point, he pushed the man back into an outdoor covered hallway of sorts, where some other character, a girl with short hair and a star-shaped hair dec on top of her head, took over sparring with the boy. While wearing a comedically deadpan expression on her face, she had a short scene where she sparred with him, with the clicking-clacking of wood for a while where she eventually got on the other side of him and the camera showed her reaching up to her head with her left hand, picking up her star-shaped hair deck, and drinking out of it (revealing it to be a water bottle), without stopping even a beat as she kept up the sparring with her right hand.

    Later, the boy stopped sparring with her and resumed sparring with the man, and they were on the other side of that hallway, but the boy finally had a chance to sideswipe the wooden arm and did so, pushing it out of the way. He accidentally hit someone else, though, and caused a girl's hand to bleed. Due to his ability, he was in danger of killing her by accident, and he had to suck up the blood that was spilled in order to undo the curse, and he was busy trying to get it out of the canned drink she was drinking out of, when it turned out that some of the blood had dripped on the tree behind them and this caused the tree to suck the characters into some sort of phantasmagorical realm, which was the actual "monster of the week" for this episode.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    For some reason our house was a large store. Like, a Target or something. But, being our house, it wasn't lit as brightly, course, and there was more ambient dim natural lighting.

    I needed a place to set up my desk to get some work done, so I picked the middle of one of the aisles. Fortunately, there was an electrical outlet at one of the poles. I set up my portable table there, got out my laptop and charger, and plugged it in. This was in an aisle that was selling auto parts and backpacks. The aisles/shelves were pretty tall themselves, at least a story and a half tall, and they were of course carrying a bunch of merchandise. None of it was of interest to me at the moment.

    I remember contemplating that, since our house was this store, I could switch where I set up my desk from day to day. Maybe tomorrow I could try "setting up shop" in the toys department, next to the big bouncy balls and the bikes, in a far corner of the store. (The auto supplies aisle was in the middle, near the front.)
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    I was in some sort of scenario where I was a high school student again, and I was disagreeing with myself on a meta level whether the story should be wish-fulfillment and give me an opportunity to enjoy high school all over again or try to dispel the dream by making it unfulfilling and having other students just consistently fail to connect with me on a personal level.
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    I barely don't remember the exact words, but I was coming up with some additional lyrics for a part late in the song "Yakusoku" ("Promise") from The iDOLM@STER, which is one of my favorite songs. The lyrics went something like this:

    Let's all show our love,
    Let's all show our kindness
    Let's all show our love,
    to the whole wide world.

    or maybe

    Let's all show love
    Let's all be thoughtful
    Let's all show love
    to the whole wide world.

    I wasn't satisfied with the lyrics and I was trying to come up with a better rhyme. There were like two different versions of the melody I was playing around with. I think I came up with a nice idea but I forgot it unfortunately.
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    This was a while ago so I don't know how much I remember but I'll try to write down something.

    I was part of a class which was taking a field trip to Costa Rica. It was a short 2-day trip.

    We'd gotten there and we were first walking through some path to our destination. Was some sandy (or snowy?) path with some plants off to the side.

    I thought were were going to some whale-watching thing but we went into an indoor auditorium with stadium-style seating. I was wondering whether they'd somehow bring the whales inside the auditorium.

    Not sure what happened next, but eventually there was a some sort of dance party. A bunch of us were dancing in an open, flat area behind the seats. I was apparently dancing with a girl who was not the girl who had been sitting next to me (I had been sitting at the left end of a row of seats, and this girl was from the right end of that row). While dancing, we kissed lightly.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Oh, I forgot to mention, there was music playing, some Latin dance music in F major.
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    I apparently got a black wallet (made of a combination of that plasticky cloth that's used to make fanny pack straps and some smoother, velvety fabric) that I could hang from my shoulder. It was some branded merch; specifically it had a K-On character (one of the main characters with darker hair) on a shiny cloth print glued to it. (This is odd for me to have because I'm not a K-On fan, having never watched the show.) Apparently I was trying to reveal more of the picture but accidentally just detached it from the glue. So I stuck the picture into part of the wallet.

    The wallet was designed so that when slung over my left shoulder it opened to my right, which wasn't great.

    There was a coin compartment in there too, with a zipper.

    Also, it was evening. There was a hurricane or tropical storm just starting to hit our area, so there was heavy rain and wind with a thunderstorm going on outside. For some reason I had the urge to play some online games, despite being fully aware of the inappropriateness of doing so.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    I apparently drove from Florida to California and needed to drive back, and there were some ridiculously bump and curvy stretches of highway in between, somewhere around the Arizona area, that made me say "this is why they call this area the Badlands". (Note that in real life the Badlands are in South Dakota, which is nowhere near Arizona.)

    Separately, there was some complicated story involving two nemeses who were apparently siblings or half-siblings, and one of them was an art thief while the other had a famous piece of art as a family heirloom that they needed to protect or something. Also one of them (the thief I think?) was actually dead and going around as a ghost.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    I had one dream where a class I was taking had to move to a different classroom on a campus of some school. We had to move to a wide rectangular classroom with a rather unique setup: it had two rows of continuous tables, arranged in parallel crescent shapes like auditorium seating facing (on their concave side) one side of the classroom. But these two continuous tables were bounded at their ends by decorative furniture blocks (painted white, with some decorative vertical grooves on them, and with some decorative plants in pink pots on top of them). The other side of these tables, which the crescents faced on their convex side, was a high-level stage of some sort. So, imagine two rows of auditorium-style rounded seating, except they're continuous tables with walls on both ends so there's no way to get into the middle row of seating despite the presence of chairs, and behind them there's a stage. There were chairs arranged on the concave sides of both crescents, including some "free" chairs closer to the apparent front of the classroom than their associated table, and some "trapped" chairs between the two tables.

    I clambered over the table into the middle row, and squeezed in next to people even though I knew I should be social-distancing, because we had too little space so I packed in anyway. I faced the apparent front of the classroom, with my back to the stage, facing the apparent front of the classroom, and then suddenly we were told that the row I climbed into was actually where we'd be staging our presentations.

    I had another dream involving finding a math textbook by Jonathan S[I forget the rest of the name], called Simple Mathematics, which spent the first 40% of the book teaching physical concepts (basically teaching science) without introducing mathematical operations formally, then spent like five chapters introducing very basic numbers (I remember entire chapters on 0, 1, 2, 4, and 5), and then the rest of the book built arithmetic concepts on that.

    I had another dream which involved me going out to play badminton with a significant other.

    (Note: While the dream about being in class was based on a Master Naturalist class, in real life, the Master Naturalist classes where I am are now taught a meeting room in a park (aside from field trips), with very ample social distancing, as well as online. They were previously taught in a school classroom, but it was actually a very large classroom where people were already spaced a few feet apart, even before the pandemic.)

    (Also I have never seen a classroom like that before. So it's yet another wild-architecture dream of mine.)
  • There is love everywhere, I already know
    I've had a bunch of dreams, obviously, but one I actually wrote down was;

    I was a B&B manager somewhere in small town Americana, near the mountains. One of my jobs was to check out every room once the guests left.

    I lived at this B&B, which was built on a massive property, so the employees had a set of cottages off to the far side past a long series of trees. For some reason, the trees in this area shed a lot of pictures of people I didn't know or recognize, and nobody ever mentioned this.

    One day as I was checking the rooms, I found that one room had transformed into a massive roof on a skyscraper. On this room was a maze made of wire fencing. As soon as I saw this, I wanted to leave, but I didn't leave immediately. Instead I explored for a bit, but there was nothing there.

    ...Then I heard some girl screaming, and this black shadow flew right past me. It was a lady in a nun habit by way of Sistermon Noir. She was clearly fighting something, but then after that it disappeared.

    She explained to me that she was looking for the wayward daughter of a conservative magazine editor/author (real person). After exploring for a bit more, we found the girl lying on the ground somewhere and saved her.

    I escorted them to her car outside, at which point she told me to leave immediately because I had mysterious spiritual powers that could connect me to whoever was doing the stuff in the room, and that was dangerous.

    Instead of listening, I continued working there, and one day when I went into the room/roof, I heard a maniacal laughter, after which I left immediately.

    Unfortunately, the laughter followed me outside into other parts of the B&B.

    Then I woke up.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    I was playing some sort of game, probably a modern JRPG, which in retrospect seems like a mixture of influences from Seraph of the End and Shining Resonance Refrain.
    I was like, partway into the story, not at the beginning, but still close to it.

    So there's this team of protagonists, and they are responsible for getting rid of zombies or some other horrible thing. They weren't actually called zombies though.

    During the first scene I played, the characters were at a beach of some sort. I think the young adult male lead, who was known for being somewhat disobedient (a trait obviously picked up from the protag of former ther than the latter story), managed to take advantage of the fact that this middle-aged and rather muscular man with sideburns (who wasn't the commanding officer but was someone responsible for overseeing the group anyway) knew to be concerned about yellow jellyfish (known to be a hazard to work with). The young man took some toy yellow jellyfish from the nearby gift shop and seeded the area just past the shore with some. (There was very clear water, but it dropped off to like 5 to 10 feet deep pretty quickly past the store, making it possible for him to do this; the toy yellow jellyfish were about neutrally buoyant and thus could stay in the middle of the water.) When the man with the sideburns saw this, he was very concerned at first, but then the young man made some comment that "let the cat out of the bag" as they were walking through the gift shop, so the man with the sideburns got very upset. The young man proceeded to run off, and then pretend to lounge on a swim ring in his swim trunks, somewhere in the distance, next to some arch-like rock formations further northeast(?) on the beach. He drifted off and then tried to get further away from the group, getting back on land and then running away from the beach.

    In another scene, the characters were in some sort of large building, allegedly a warehouse or office building or mall of some sort. (I keep thinking "warehouse".) There was a big half-finished area that was open to the basement. Like, you could see a big square area (imagine the size of a food court of a shopping mall) that was open to the basement beneath it, with stairs leading down to the basement, and the walls nearby were still obviously lined with steel beams and some sheetrock/drywall backed by metal framing, with some wires hanging out. The drywall was red-orange. There was lighting at the stairs, which were on one side of the square, but the basement was mostly dark, as this space was enclosed. The basement actually extended further beyond this square, but it was also similarly unfinished.

    The characters were here, in that same group, to deal with the zombie problem or something like that, though apparently not to exterminate them but rather to just guard something. It would probably have been okay if everyone stayed in the dimly lit middle of the open basement area, but someone (not necessarily part of the group, but might have been someone else) strayed a bit too far and triggered the zombies. I did get a glimpse of the darkness in the basement beyond that area, but there's not really much that was interesting other than more basement, some beams/metal wall frames, darkness, and the occasional zombie.

    So there was a fight scene. After dealing with what zombies did show up, the camera moved up to show that, on a landing in the middle of the stairs, there was a new character who showed up, and it was apparently Anelace Elfead (from the Trails series) but her hair was glowing orange/yellow, suggesting that she had used some sort of super form power to deal with the zombies, or was preparing to do so.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    I was at some event. I'm not sure what. But I do remember there was some sort of puzzle I was working on, it involved letters and apparently connecting them. And I was working on it in the presence of someone I know locally from some adult education stuff.

    I was boarding a subway train, though it was above ground for some reason despite the fact that Kendall Square is underground in real life. I boarded at Kendall Square, and meant to go inbound but instead went outbound toward Alewife instead.

    I was in a car with my parents in New York City. We needed to go to a post office and it was about 7pm already so I was searching on a map site for a post office that closed later. I found one that closed at like 7:20 and it was northeast of where we were, and so I gave direction to my dad who was driving:
    * continue east on Avenue of the Arts (we were around the middle of Central Park at the time)
    * make sure to take the left branch of 83 Street because that's the one that goes east
    * make a left turn on 34th Avenue
    We got delayed while on 34th Avenue because there was a bus turnoff there where an empty bus had to turn into a storage area. It took a while; my dad followed the cab in front too closely and got yelled at by my mom for it, and he even honked because the traffic took forever to move. The sky was dark at this time, so the road was just filled with automobile lights.
    After we arrived, it turned out to be some sort of convenience store. I wanted to ask if they were actually a post office, but for some reason I instead asked if they were still open to accepting mail, and the lady at the counter said yes. For some reason my mom also needed to use an ATM (I checked before on a map site that this place had an ATM) and the ATM looked rather strange -- it was basically literally just the store owner's personal computer, running an ATM app, and the cashier would get the cash out of the cash register. My mom wanted to get $20, but for some reason the 0 button was labeled "20" and actually turned things into "20" except immediately after pressing a 2, so when she pressed 2 0 0 0 (thinking the place started at the cents mark like usual), the result was that the withdrawal was now for the amount $2,020. While I was worried that the cash register didn't even have that much money, there was some sort of warning on the screen saying something about Darwin.
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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Assorted dreams:

    I visited some sort of park or zoo. There was signage saying that there were (live) dinosaurs. I was on a second-floor balcony looking over an area that was mostly a mulchy clearing but with some plants. I saw this this really colorful orange-yellow-green lizard, and then a group of blue rodents (no, they were not hedgehogs; more like large rats). I couldn't pull out my mobile device in time to iNaturalist what I saw, which made me feel bummed out.

    I was in side some house or apartment, and there was a curly-tailed lizard happily eating up the many ants in a corner of this room with that had an ant problem, with ants running over the old hardwood flooring, next to a glass patio door.

    I was staying at some accommodations, probably for visiting Antarctica (no doubt the result of me watching A Place Further than the Universe lately), and apparently one of the more unusual devices was an entirely flat portable cooktop that had a scanner attached to its right side.

    I was in a class. We were visiting some sort of museum or research center or doing-things place, which was this building with dark wood paneling and various wooden enclosures (so it was probably some sort of animal hospital/rehabilitation thing). The building was located behind a small parking lot, elevated from the road that led to it, which was also near a beach. Next to (north of) this building, also on this road, was a synagogue, where a wedding was being held. Anyway, I stayed way too long and suddenly realized that everyone was gone. So I started packing up my stuff and leaving and even grabbed someone's hat for some reason only to return it to the front desk within less than a minute, only for me to realize that the next place people were supposed to go, which was the beach, had basically rained out on them, and that they were starting to show up back here anyway to have lunch. I ended up eating lunch with a couple other students in one of the front area rooms, one student I knew from a university program a while back and another who'd been taking these classes with me (both of whom I know in real life). I found a magazine with an image I could click. It was advertising some sort of doll that would float in water. I clicked the image and the image changed to a picture of a flooded frontyard with various people and a dog swimming around in it, but where the doll wasn't even in the picture at all.
  • I just dreamt I has sleep paralisis, I "woke up" mostly unable to move, I tried and tried to move before the feeling of dread kicked in and slowly but surely I succeeded, then I told other people with muy phone and then I woke up for reals.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    No, the correct terms for medium, small, and extra long sizes of hospital beds are not, respectively, "30 seconds", "15 seconds", and "chaos".

    Explanation below:

    I was watching, or apparently making, a snow-covered course for a katydid to ride down on a sled. This course was made of wood, and I cut the pieces of curved wood (which had a reddish color) and put it together. It sorta just went round and round in an oval helix shape.

    After a while of pushing the sled, the katydid on a sled just kept sliding spontaneously. There was a camera that followed the katydid around, and at the end, the camera could barely keep up. And there was also an announcer saying what was happening and the announcer was getting very noticeably excited as the katydid was traveling very fast.

    After one race, I was tasked to make some changes to the course. i was cutting these pieces of wood out of a larger but thin annulus of wood. it was this polished/sanded ring, that looked roughly like a cone with the end chopped off, but with the edges rounded off. it was maybe about 3 feet in diameter.

    I needed to get something in my workshop, and in the room adjacent to my workshop there was some sort of inpatient facility. so i was talking to someone there, and for some reason, i looked at the settings on one of the hospital beds there, and how I could adjust the size of it.

    Probably because the katydid's trajectory went at a sorta controllable speed at first but then spontaneously became really fast and hard for the camera to follow, i called the standard size of hospital bed "30 seconds", a smaller size "15 seconds", and then the largest size setting I just called "chaos". I was then told that these were not the correct names for the bed sizes.
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    First, I was playin a shmup. I was fighting a late-game boss, and it was sorta amusing that it was actually being played by me and an opposing player holding our respective ships on the left and right of a sliding glass door and reaching behind it to the patio outside to squeeze the fire buttons on our ships. I don't know how it got to this, but anyway, I realized that I just didn't have enough firepower and ammo to defeat the boss, since I was just firing little black pellets a la The Kid in I Wanna Be The Guy while the boss had multi-explosion lasers. And I realized this was because I just held down the fire button for the rest of the entire game and auto-selected an unoptimal set of upgrades at the end of every level.

    Second, I was working on a puzzle during Mystery Hunt. It consisted of a physical sphere, aparently representing the Earth, with a bunch of numbered points on it. I eventually figured out that I might need to start from the inside of the sphere, and pulled apart the spongy sphere to reveal a core made of...bread or some other orangeish material.

    This sphere went with a list of blanks (or maybe clues), which I think shared the same number of entries. The order wasn't obvious, for some reason. Additionally, there was a list of blanks enumerating two words each, which we apparently figured out was the names of all of the writers, and one of them had been filled in as a freebie, while someone else figured out another name.

    It wasn't clear what we were supposed to do with these names, of course. Also, it was like Saturday night, and we were huddled together on a table in a room somewhere working on this.

    Third, I was playing some fantasy game, which I concluded (when out of that dream but not yet awake) was probably VR just because it was seamlessly immersive.
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    I was part of a Master Naturalist class exploring a small cliffside that had various species of cactus and other succulents growing on it. One of the most notable ones was a yellow cactus, about the size of a human head, that was shaped like a fist making a thumbs-up gesture, called a "thumbs-up cactus".

    The cliffside was a vertical drop that stuck out from the mainland a bit, and so was given a personal jetpack of sorts to get down to seeing it. It didn't have quite enough gas, so I eventually held onto the cliff, including the metal wire fencing that was stretched over parts of it. At one point, I was told that I was stepping on another succulent growing on the vertical face of the cliff, one that looked like a cluster of blue-green mushrooms but was actually a plant.

    Afterwards (presumably I was carried back to the shore), I left and apparently teleported back to the school where I was supposed to teach. But it was like 3:15 PM and no one was in the classroom. I presumed that people just left because I as teacher didn't show up. So I apparently teleported back to the place near the shore where we gathered to explore the cliffside, meaning to help the Master Naturalist instructor load stuff into her car, but she just drove off.

    I looked around the harbor, and on some sandy dirt area near the water, there were various turtles that were mating. They seemed to be different species attempting to mate with each other. I approached them, hoping to make post observations on iNaturalist, but they gradually retreated to the water (except for the tortoise). I looked to the right and off in the distance there was a crowd of tourists getting onto a boat.
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    I had a dream that somehow combined the following:
    * playing through some sort of videogame with some puzzle/challenge room where I had to go very fast to the right and then back to the left through water pits
    * being in Ukraine during the current conflict and at risk of being hit by missiles/shrapnel
    * helping groups of people out with coordinating stuff on-the-ground and alerting people to problems
    * visiting a specialty grocery store in some multi-story building that periodically cycled country-themed goods, which happened to be selling Japanese goods this time (including a bunch of gachapon machines with nothing I wanted, though I didn't look at them in detail because of the last reason on this list) (this was probably inspired by me getting spammed by a web store selling east Asian merch having recently done a big sale on Japanese goods)
    * seeing a urinal "randomly" in a wall in an area which was reconfigured to sell merchandise rather than be a restroom
    * buying a bootleg 3DS cartridge because I didn't look carefully enough at the box, and then thinking that the silver lining was that I now had a bootleg 3DS cartridge
    * going somewhere (specifically flying to Europe) when I had not one but two assignments due at the end of the evening, and then thinking during the afternoon whether I had time to fly back
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    I interacted with a very small kitten. About the size of a medium/large grasshopper, so about 2 inches long.
  • I was Adam Savage from Mythbusters (or at least, I was playing his role), someone came to our office to pitch a myth to bust (the dream didn't specify which) and Jamie thought we could do it at some kind of resort. We get there shortly thereafter, Jamie looks for a place to work in (needs to be a high place) and starts doing some preparations while the rest of us are on something else. When it's ready the four of us board some kind of L shaped elevator, but at some point it goes into freefall, we prepare for the impact but it brakes safely. At this point we're two people in an elevator of normal size and shape. A laser then appears and starts moving across the elevator, cutting everything in its path, we try to dodge it but unfortunately the guy I was with had his leg cut off. I notice a gap in the elevator door that can be used to force it open, so I open it and we escape. I then start thinking about who is behind all that, I thought it was weird that these traps require setting things up in advance but it was Jamie who chose the place and it was all on short notice, I didn't suspect Jamie though, I thought it'd be somebody trying to get revenge over some mythbusting thing.
    Then I woke up.
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    I was able to play a demo of a new Metroid game, a third-person 3D game with what seemed to be really smooth controls. I remember there was one part where I was jumping through a doorway while dealing with some very small fly-like enemy that was dealing like 1 damage per hit; this doorway looked more like a doorway in a real-life commercial building, with these two meta-framed double doors with small windows in them and handle bars to open them from one side, while there were some metal-framed wall panels above them which had been removed; I was able to jump through those wall panels. At another point I tried out doing a shinespark in a really long corridor which was barely long enough to charge a speed boost in. I remember noticing that Samus's "last tank" of energy wasn't 99 energy in this game but was 100, contrary to tradition.

    At another point, I was in a hotel, in a upper floor of it. It was some space with high ceilings but corridors of typical width. The corridors, however, were a little more complex, in that they had some diagonal walls (like, if you looked at it from the top, placed at a 135° angle to an adjacent wall), and on one side of the building there was part of the floor that was open to below, with a bridge and balcony area and some chandeliers overlooking the area below. There were rooms all along the outer wall of the hotel, but there were also some corridors into the "interior column" of the hotel, where there were other facilities such as elevators. There were also houseplants placed in the hallway at various points; the hallway was lit with some less-fancy hanging lights from the ceiling above this floor itself. In this maze-like space of hallways, I found myself being chased by a girl, playing a cat and mouse game as if we were children. She eventually found me, after I hid unsuccessfully in a recessed doorway to one of the guest rooms and told me she wanted to talk to me about the story of the real-life Samus Aran.

    (Note for anyone unfamiliar: Samus Aran is the protagonist of the Metroid series. She's not based on a historical person.)

    Finally, I found myself in an auditorium with various Ukrainian soldiers, whose language I didn't understand, but who were singing some sort of song. I've been able to reconstruct that melody to the best of my ability after waking up, and it sounded something like this:

    E D C _Bb E _A . .
    E D C _Bb E _A . .
    G A G F E F E D
    C D C _Bb E _A . .

    (each note can be assumed to be a quarter-note, except those followed by periods, which mean extend the previous note by another quarter note. assume all notes are within one C to B octave except for those with an underscore preceding them, which are in the next lower such octave.)

    (I feel like this might be a tune I've heard before somewhere else. At least the first half of it.)
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human

    updated version of the dream where it's dark and i can't turn any lights on: it's dark, and i can't turn my desk light on, and i just realized i have no internet connection and no way of turning that back on
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