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People seem to have issues with names ending in "-el" vs "-le"

Understandable, I guess, since they pretty much both represent the same sound, at least in my dialect.

I live on a street with a name ending in "-el". I initially got annoyed when I saw people writing it "-le", but then I remembered that this mistake is common enough I've actually had to correct the city's traffic sign department when they fucked up the spelling of a different "-el" street:

(And if you're thinking "but what if 'Chaple' is a weird proper name?", I know "Chapel" is the correct spelling because it was used on the signs posted when the street first opened in the late '90s.)


  • "you duck spawn, refined creature, you try to be cynical, yokel, but all that comes out of it is that you're a dunce!!!!! you duck plug!"
    Fortunately we don't have that problem here. We however have the problem with different letters encoding the same sound. May get confusing in personal names.
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    Neon Genesis Evangleion, starring the following angles:
    * Sachile
    * Shamshle
    * Ramile
    * Gaghile
    * Israfle
    * Sandalphon, who is a shmuck whose name didn't originally contain -el
    * Matarale
    * Sahaquile
    * Irule I Rule Hyrule
    * Lelile (or Ellile?)
    * Bardile
    * Zerule Ze First Rule (of Angle Club)
    * Arale
    * Armisale Army Sale
    * Tabris, who is another shmuck
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    Naas_Human wrote: »

  • Everyone knows the only angle worth paying attention to is Gabrile Tenma White.
  • Heh, nuthin' personnel, kid.
  • Recuerdo de todos los organismos ~ Memoria de la energía fósil
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