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The sheer volume of Youtubers who are assholes.

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This is just a general gripe, but ever since I started vlogging on Youtube I've really, really come to resent how so many people who are racist, sexist, or otherwise generally prejudiced jackoffs get so popular on Youtube. I can think of some exceptions like Ryan Wiley, SequesterZone, TheTruePooka, Steve Shives, ToolTime9901, and Cameron Watt (A.K.A. Libtertarian Socialist Rants), but generally speaking Youtube vloggers who talk about social issues have a tendency to be assholes and it bugs me how popular they are. Not that I think that makes them any more right, I'm just annoyed that they attract so many followers.

There also tends to be a lot of overlap with the Youtube Atheist "community", for lack of a better term, for reasons I can't really imagine.


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    Are fedoras involved in this?
  • Davis Aurini seems to be quite fond of his fedora. He's also a race realist and literal monarchist and is making a "documentary" about Social Justice Warriors with Jorden Owen, seen here on the right.

  • Don't forget unkempt facial hair and craft beers(also, isn't that technically a trilby?). 

    Anyway, compare this:
    With this:

    Clearer intonation(a better mic set-up), not showing your face and less academic language plus more anger(plenty of language that sounds acerbic without your fam being offended) is probably what you want to go for. 

    Alternatively, fiskings of fiskings are niche. Cherish this and try to go for an audience that's willing to discuss these issues instead of desiring you to be a walking hitpiece. Avoid controversies du jour unless you can actually offer a unique take on them. 
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    Lol, all I really have is a shitty laptop, so microphone quality isn't really an option. Thanks for the advice, though.
  • I just remembered that I do actually have a microphone: it's been sitting in my drawer for most of the semester. I'll probably use it for my next vid.
  • He who laments and can't let go of the past is forever doomed to solitude.
    Hey I just started watching your videos. LULZ.
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