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When criticizm is confused for "Censorship"

edited 2013-09-14 01:09:35 in Media

And then the people accusing others of censorship try to pressure them into not giving their opinions or criticisms anymore.

all the while espousing lines like "it's called Freedom of Speech"


  • Those guys are huge shitlords. 

    I feel this pain intimately.

  • A dogpile of ill-constructed, highly personalized negative feedback is a form of censorship, I'd argue. The occassional 'legitimate' comment will automatically get categorized in that same pile, which the dogpile peeps will use to point out that the receiver is ignoring constructive criticism.

    It is, and always has been about suppressing the other side to a large number of people in such clusterfucks.

  • I disagree; censorship is issued from a position of centralized and grouped power. A group may have that power and the means, but a thousand individuals acting of their own free will independent of one another is not. 

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    I feel like something related to mob mentality might be relevant here, specifically regarding "acting of their own free will independent of one another" but I'm not sure.

  • 4chan and Tumblr, where most practical examples of such cases come from, could be considered a centralized and grouped power, methinks.

  • My arms are falling off!

    FREEDOM OF SPEECH FREEDOM OF SPEECH I swear to god the people who say that when they insult others deserve to have that freedom taken away

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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human

    Well, to be fair, freedom of speech is not the same as "freedom to say anything at all you want", which is also not the same as "freedom to say anything at all you want, with no negative consequences".

    Also, if one person has the right to speak their mind, then everyone within earshot has the right to express their disagreement.

  • That's exactly what I mean.

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