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Images you know you'll never use. (Now NSFW)



  • Kichigai birthday!!
  • You can change. You can.
    Does it do anything but show Moe blob #3459760?
  • Kichigai birthday!!
    Yes,it amuses me because it's a crossover between Chargeman Ken and K-On!

  • Mr. The Edge goes to Washington
    If I had the time right now, I'd combine Fast Eddie's avatar with the Goofy Time pic. "Here's EDDIE!" "No, Fast Eddie, no!"
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    Electric Boogaloo
    Changes in The Matrix explained.

    "Thread Locked"
  • ~♥YES♥~! I *AM* a ~♥cupcake♥~! ^_^

    Funny Animated Gifs - Chuck Norris

  • ☭Unstoppable Sex Goddess☭
    ...does FE have a chest tattoo?
  • You can change. You can.
    Yes. It's some sort of Irsih/Celtic thing about his family or whatever. 

    I dunno lol
  • Kichigai birthday!!

    This man is universally admired for playing videogames
  • Scrye; ROFLMAO

    Some of these are deep in  WTF territory.
  • Silence is golden.

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    Kichigai birthday!!
    This is the truth

  • Mr. The Edge goes to Washington
    I'd rather be the Adventure Time fan. I'm sure he gets all the ladies.
  • ☭Unstoppable Sex Goddess☭
    I have seen lots of Adventure Time fans. They are content with enjoying their show in public, unlike most male MLP fans which tend to only be ponyfans online. Not only that, cosplaying as AT characters is less weird than cosplaying as MLP characters.
  • -is a Rugrats fan-

    -wonders what goofy image the Rugrats fans get-
  • No rainbow star

  • One foot in front of the other, every day.
    That's fucking incredible, 10/10, would roflmao again.
  • Mr. The Edge goes to Washington
    They both suck. For one, they both felt the need for info dumps. Sure you only get one paragraph at a time, but ever hear of setting the mood, Rebecca and Bill? At least the Prof has a sense of humor.
  • Kichigai birthday!!
    Rebecca seems to be one of those persons who use big words to seem intelligent (neanderthal, chauvinistic, adolescent)
  • Mr. The Edge goes to Washington
    Bill seems to be a douche bag. Probably a military brat who plays a lot of Halo. It seems like he dismisses anything that doesn't interest him, explaining why he transformed the story to such extremes.
  • Kichigai birthday!!
    More totally not biased comparisons between animated shows

  • Mr. The Edge goes to Washington

    ^Adventure Time fanart! THIS IS AWESOME!

  • Kichigai birthday!!
    The cool thing is that is not an implausible thing to happen on the show
  • Mr. The Edge goes to Washington
    Reminds me of Yoshi's Island. Where you have Baby Mario riding Yoshi and at one point Yoshi rides on a Poochie, a dog thingy.
  • One foot in front of the other, every day.
    I like Bill; he seems to be actively trolling to me. If I had a writing partner who was so transparent as Rebecca, I'd be sorely tempted to pull something akin to Bill's ridiculous sci-fi action as well.
  • edited 2011-08-18 12:56:55
    Electric Boogaloo
    I agree with MadassAlex. It seems like Bill doesn't legitimately want to write a science fiction story, but just wants to completely fuck around with Rebecca. As if Bill opened up his email, expecting at least something decent to work with, and got the poorly written opening to a Lifetime Original Movie. "What the fuck is this?" Bill says, "She honestly expects me to write with this shit? This is just her putting herself in as a character so she can make stupid comments about her ex-boyfriend she always bitches about to me in class! I know just what this needs..." Bill then comes up with the most ridiculous sounding sci-fi terminology and cliches, just to throw Rebecca off.

    Notice Rebecca was the one who started and ended the project. She couldn't have it her way, so she wasn't going to do it at all. Bill was at least willing to continue, if only to piss Rebecca off.

    Good show, Bill. Good show.
  • Till shade is gone, till water is gone, into the Shadow with teeth bared, screaming defiance with the last breath, to spit in Sightblinder’s eye on the last Day.
    I lol'd heartily.
  • @Scrye

    Her thing wasn't that bad until Paragraph 3.
  • $80+ per session
    I hope when start taking classes like that I have opportunities for hilarity.
  • Mr. The Edge goes to Washington
    I don't like either Rebecca or Bill, but I do see Scrye's point. Partnered writing projects are a pain. I had to write a script with about 4 other people and I was the only one with stats in the Screenwriting skill.
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